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T.G. Schmeiser MRR

Model MRR for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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The Schmeiser Mid-Row Ripper isn't just an ordinary ripper. It's more like a root zone management system with impressive results and tremendous acceptance for use in both vineyard and orchard applications. Its 'U' shaped, oscillating hydraulic wings perform like no other to fracture, lift, and help blend the soil. It goes deeper and opens soil broader for a healthier root structure. It's super fast and efficient while providing up to 4 times greater soil fracture down in the root zone. That means deeper water penetration, better soil aeration, and soil amendment blending for your orchard or vineyard. Creating a healthy root zone is a critical first step for a successful crop. Finishing off the unit are Schmeiser Till an' Pak Ring Rollers providing excellent clod busting abilities while leaving a clean finish.


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