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Precision Land Management (PLM)

We know farming isn’t a business where ‘wait until tomorrow’ is an option. That’s why we’re here to help you get the job done.

It’s also why we make New Holland PLM technology to meet those same demands. Open, connected, smart, and supported, New Holland’s modular PLM solutions can be used on any machine, and are compatible with a full range of correction signals. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces ease guidance operation, while PLM software enables easy downloading and analysis of yield data, for fine-tuning of inputs ahead of the next crop, helping reduce costs. ISOBUS technology makes for seamless tractor and implement operation. And advanced telematics allow remote monitoring and management of equipment from your office – or even your smartphone.

By enabling ultra-accurate pass-to-pass parallel guidance, eliminating overlaps and misses when applying crop inputs, with PLM you not only save money and maximize crop performance, but also minimize environmental impact and fuel wastage – and your carbon footprint.


New Holland’s PLM products are a combination of digital applications, precision farming equipment and connectivity solutions that enable you to make smart decisions on your farm operation.

The PLM products are designed around three product strategies, supported by uptime solutions:
Field focuses on the on-vehicle technology, bringing comfort and convenience to the operator, making his life easier and optimizing yield and input costs.
Fleet is focused on helping you to monitor the productivity and performance of each machine, through connectivity.
Farm is based on data analysis and planning, helping farmers combine a range of agronomic information that facilitate farm management decisions.