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phiber AccumulatorSAVE TIME
Picking up pre-packaged bales that match loader capabilities can cut loading time up to 50% over picking up bales one at a time. This will substantially reduce the amount of time a hay operation spends picking bales. Saved time translates into saved money from less labor and depreciated hours on equipment.

Like the generations of accumulators before it, the Bale Accumulator is fully automatic. The operator can concentrate on the baling process and not worry about the accumulator. If the operator wants to override the automatic unloading, they can eject whatever is on the deck at anytime. The Bale Accumulator is designed with many fail-safe’s, such as safety lockouts are built into the machine for operator peace of mind.

    Operators can chose from four different automatic unload programs to package the bales in a form that matches their handling abilities. Bales that are packaged the same way they are to be handled can greatly reduce the time it takes to collect them after baling. Operators can also manually eject the bales carried on the deck at any time. The automatically ejected bales are tight and ready for handling.
    The PhiBer Bale Accumulator is designed for many different applications. The 06 Series Accumulators have models for both dry hay and balage applications. The Accumulator is designed to work with bales varying in length from 4.25′ (130cm) to 9′ (275cm). The key for the PhiBer Bale Accumulator to perform in such a wide variety of conditions is its ability to push the bales off the deck rather than tip them off. PhiBer has a patented system to push bales off even if a bale is half out of the chamber allowing operators to unload bales whenever desired.
    All PhiBer Accumulators are powered using the tractor hydraulics. Unique to PhiBer is the ability to set them up in all three different hydraulic systems, closed center, open center and closed center load sensing.
    The Accumulator can run automatically so the operator never has to look back and can focus on the baling operation. The Accumulator is also designed so no daily maintenance is required and have built in safety features to keep both the operator and machine safe while operating and servicing equipment.

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