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New Holland U80C

Model U80C for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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The curved-arm loader linkage provided on the U80D tractor loader provides hydraulic bucket leveling for less spillback, as well as excellent reach at maximum dump height for truck loading. The unique reverse-mounted loader arm cylinders give you maximum bucket breakout force and superior dump speed on the bucket.

​​Rugged Class II three-point hitch with controllable down pressure provides excellent scraping and leveling performance.​

The synchromesh transmission with power shuttle gives you smooth control and easy forward-reverse shuttling.​

​​The large, efficient, flat-deck operator platform provides easy-to-use controls and unobstructed views for outstanding visibility.​


A good cab will offer good operator comfort, excellent ergonomics and plenty of room to speed switching between loader and backhoe operation. A great cab will combine this with excellent all-round visibility, first class heating and ventilation with low noise and vibration levels. With the newly refreshed cab on New Holland backhoe loaders, you get all the small additional details that make the cab extra special. Room for tools and oddments as well as personal items. A high grip floor covering to help prevent the operator slipping when entering with muddy footwear. A powerful lighting package featuring up to ten optional LED lights giving true 360 degree light pattern thanks to the roof mounted side lights. Large retractable sunshades, cup holders, glove box and a deluxe pneumatic heated seat. To top it off, the engine exhaust pipe has been relocated to the right side of the cab to provide a clear view of the loader arm.

• Improved in-cab storage
• Spacious cab allows easy seat transition to operate the backhoe
• A choice of entry level mechanical and deluxe heated pneumatic suspension seats are available
• Low 77dB(A) in-cab noise level
• Good visibility is a key design priority, C series backhoe loaders benefitting from extremely slim cab pillars, front and rear

• A pillar exhaust mount for clear view of loader

• Key controls mounted on side to allow operation from both forward and backhoe seat positions
• Uncluttered side console housing all necessary buttons
• The dashboard is easy to read with the seat in either its forward or reverse position
• Powerful heating and ventilation with standard air conditioning ensures operator comfort throughout the day
• Backhoe joystick towers adjust in all directions for the most comfortable position

• Single multifunction proportional control lever for all loader controls
• 4 in 1 or 6 in 1 bucket opening, diff lock and transmission de-clutch functions are also activated from the lever

• Up to ten LED work lights including roof mounted side lights are available
• Up and over rear window, light and easy to open and close


Developing 98, 111hp dependent upon model, the FPT Industrial F5H 3.4 litre four-cylinder engine in backhoe loaders is the same unit proven in New Holland T5 tractors. Complaint with stringent Tier 4B emission regulations, the engines have an advanced throttle control system. This allows the operator to adjust how the engine responds to throttle inputs from smooth to fast.

New Holland are not going it alone when it comes to Tier 4 technology, they can draw on the experience of their in-house engine development specialist: FPT Industrial.
Pioneers: Common Rail technology developed by FPT Industrial at their R&D excellence center in Arbon, Switzerland in the 1980s and brought it to the masses in 1997 on the Alfa Romeo 156. They were the very first to introduce it on agricultural machines on the TS-A tractor. Pioneering. Always.
Cleaner: For the eighth consecutive year, CNH Industrial has topped the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indexes for the Industrial Engineering sector. Cleaner. Everywhere.
Proven: FPT Industrial has pioneered SCR technology since 1995 and has already produced over 1 million SCR engines during the last eight years for the agricultural, construction and haulage industries. Reliability. Confirmed.

New Holland sister company FPT Industrial developed the F5H engine to meet tough emission regulations without the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter. By combining proven Selective Catalytic Conversion with exhaust gas recirculation, an F5H engine can be operated at low loads for an extended period without needing to regenerate a blocking a DPF filter.

• Output choice of 98 and 111hp
• New side mounted for exhaust stack for improved visibility
• Engine shut-down protection in the event of low oil pressure plus high coolant or transmission oil temperatures
• 132 litres fuel and 42 litre AdBlue capacity
• Three throttle settings, soft, normal and fast are offered. The operator can select the throttle setting best suited to the application

• 600hr* engine service intervals
* when AMBRA UNITEK engine oil is used only


All backhoe models benefit from a full frame chassis, its exceptional strength diverting all stress through the robust frame with no load on the engine or transmission.

• Robot welded full length frame chassis
• No stress on engine or transmission
• Plate reinforced stress points
• Cast backhoe slider interface
• Open design to facilitate maintenance


Single-lever 5 function control w/ self-leveling and Return-to-Dig Standard
Positive hold float Standard
Return-to-dig Standard
Automatic self-leveling Standard
In-line, reverse linkage Standard
Dual parallel dump cylinders Standard
Clutch disconnect button on loader control and shift levers Standard
Bucket position indicator Standard
Long Life Bucket - Width, in (m) 82 (2.08)
Long Life Bucket - Weight, lbs (kg) 686 (311)
Long Life Bucket - Struck, yd³ (m³) .87 (.67)
Long Life Bucket - Heaped, yd³ (m³) 1.03 (0.79)
4-in-1 Bucket - Width, in (m) 82 (2.08)
4-in-1 Bucket - Weight, lbs (kg) 1,451 (658)
4-in-1 Bucket - Struck, yd³ (m³) .85 (.65)
4-in-1 Bucket - Heaped, yd³ (m³) 1.04 (0.80)
Model F5HFL463D*F005
Type 4-stroke, turbocharged
Cylinders 4
Bore x stroke, in (mm) 3.9 x 4.33 (99 x 110)
Displacement, in³ (L) 207 (3.4)
Fuel injection Direct HPCR (High Pressure Common Rail)
Engine speeds, (rpm) - Rated speed, full load 2,200
Engine speeds, (rpm) - Low idle 900 - 1,000
Engine speeds, (rpm) - High idle, no load 2,330 - 2,430
Horsepower (SAE J1349) - Gross @ 2,200 rpm, (kW) 74 (55)
Horsepower (SAE J1349) - Net @ 2,200 rpm, (kW) 68.4 (51)
Maximum torque @ RPM - Gross, lb-ft (Nm) 233 (316)
Maximum torque @ RPM - Net, lb-ft (Nm) 219 (298)
Torque rise at rated speed 35%
Transmission type 4 speed synchromesh with hydraulically actuated clutches and electric F/R shuttle control, clutch disconnect buttons on the transmission shifter and loader control lever
Torque converter ratio (standard) 3:1
Torque converter (PTO ready) 3.2:1
Differential-lock On the go push-button activation
Service brakes Individually applied hydraulically actuated, maintenance-free, self adjusting outboard mounted wet disc
Parking brakes Trans Mounted SAHR (Spring Applied Hydraulic Release)
Travel speeds, mph (km/h)* 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th
Forward/Reverse (standard) 3.8 (6.1) - 6.1 (9.8) - 12.8 (20.6) - 24.0 (38.6)
Forward/Reverse (PTO Ready) 3.5 (5.6) - 5.5 (8.9) - 11.8 (19) - 21.3(34.3)
Voltage 12 Volts, negative ground
Alternator, amps 120
Battery 850 CCA
Optional batteries 850 CCA
Power plugs, amps 30 total
Pump Gear-type, transmission mounted, direct drive to engine crankshaft
Loader flow @ rated engine rpm, gpm @ psi (L/min @ bar) 28.5 @ 3,000 (108 @ 207)
Loader control valve 2 or 3-spool with single lever control for lift, dump and tilt and auxiliary hydraulics, positive hold float and return-to-dig
3-pt hitch flow @ rated engine rpm, gpm @ psi (L/min @ bar) 3 to 8 @ 2,000 (0 to 30 @ 137)
3-pt hitch control valve Sectional 4-spool, open-center parallel circuits with variable control for lift, pitch, tilt, and 2 auxiliary remotes
Loader auxiliary hydraulics, gpm (L/min) 12 to 28.5 (45.4 to 108)
Main relief pressure, psi @ gpm (bar @ L/min) 3,050 + 50 - 50 @ 28.5 (210 + 3 - 3 @ 108)
Filtration 7 micron full flow replaceable cartridge on return line, condition indicator light for filter
Oil cooler Heavy-duty
2WD, ft/in (m) Brakes on/ off 12’ 2” (3.70) / 12’ 10” (3.91)
4WD-engaged, ft/in (m) Brakes on/ off 11’ 7” (3.52) / 13’ 9” (4.18)
4WD-disengaged, ft/in (m) Brakes on/ off 12’ 3” (3.72) / 12’ 11” (3.92)
Front 2WD-11 L x 16.1, 10-ply rating / 4WD-12 L x 16.5, 8-ply rating
Rear 4WD-12 L x 16.5, 8-ply rating / 2/4 WD-19.5 L x 24, 10-ply rating OPT
Fuel tank, gal (L) 30 (114)
Hydraulic system, gal (L) - Total 19 (72)
Hydraulic system, gal (L) - Reservoir w/filter 15.3 (58)
Hydraulic system, gal (L) - Reservoir w/o filter 14.8 (56)
Transmission, gal (L) - 2WD Total system 4.5 (17)
Transmission, gal (L) - 4WD Total system 5.25 (20)
4WD Front axle, qt (L) - Differential 5.8 (5.5)
4WD Front axle, qt (L) - Planetaries (each) 0.75 (0.7)
Rear Axle, qt (L) - Differential 14.4 (13.6)
Rear Axle, qt (L) - Planetaries (each) 1.6 (1.5)
Engine oil w/filter, qt (L) 8.5 (8)
Cooling system, qt (L) 17 (16.1)
Category1 & II 3-point hitch Standard
Hydraulic lift, pitch, tilt and (2) auxiliary remote Standard
Variable flow from 0 to 8 gpm (0 to 30 L/min) Standard
485 lbs (220 kg) counterweight included with hitch Standard
Hitch position - Lowest point lbs (N)*** 2,500 (11 121)
Hitch position - 1/5 lbs (N) 3,247 (14 444)
Hitch position - 2/5 lbs (N) 3,400 (15 125)
Hitch position - 3/5 lbs (N) 3,501 (15 574)
Hitch position - 4/5 lbs (N) 3,297 (14 666)
Hitch position - Highest point lbs (N) 2,984 (13 274)
Base Unit**** with added options 10,916 lbs
Cab +646 lbs
4WD +218 lbs
3,000 lbs (counterweight) +3,000 lbs
500 lbs Rear (counterweight) +500 lbs
440 lbs Front (counterweight) +440 lbs
Box Scraper +1,592 lbs
4-in-1 Bucket +717 lbs