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Mini Excavators

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Our C Series Mini Excavators are huge in versatility. With hydraulic-powered attachments such as soil augers, hammers and compactors, the boom and dipper offer power arm versatility with the strength of a large excavator. Additionally, operators can raise heavy, suspended loads using a lifting hook on the bucket linkage due to the available Object Handling Kit.

Our Mini Excavators provide comfort and safety which in turn leads to productive and safe operation. All models have excellent ergonomics with easy access to all primary controls. The shape of the joysticks enables the operator to choose their preferred method of working the key functions, allowing both gripped and palm-down operating positions.

Our Mini Excavators deliver powerful performance and smooth control. All models have three separate pumps to deliver optimized performance when traveling between sites and driving hydraulic attachments. The advanced hydraulic system in our excavators also includes a swing parking brake and an arm flow summation system ensuring smooth and precise control.

New Holland Mini Excavators have powerful traction matched to a low center of gravity for stability across difficult terrain. The dozer blade features excellent geometry for leveling and grading when lowered for stability. Dependent upon the model, there are four options of track design, with the E17C featuring hydraulic variable track width.