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New Holland 740CF SuperFlex - 30 ft

Model 740CF SuperFlex - 30 ft for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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If you harvest in undulating terrain, the 740CF direct-cut SuperFlex™ auger head is the natural choice. Available in cutting widths of 20, 25, 30, and 35 feet, 740CF heads feature a patented, rubber spring flotation system that allows heads to follow ground contours more closely so you get every bit of your crop. The SuperFlex knife bed flexes a full 4.5 inches to ensure a close cut and uniform stubble height in uneven fields.

The effectiveness of 740CF heads starts at the very front with crop dividers that present the most down and tangled crop to the six-bat reel, which smoothly conveys crop to the cutterbar and auger. When combined with 1150 cuts per minute and the cab-based, hydraulic, fore-and-aft reel adjustment, precise feeding and processing are a given. You can even maintain a pre-set ratio between reel speed and ground speed, so that when ground speed changes, feeding remains consistent.

The cutterbar floor profile includes an integral hump that stops rocks from entering the cutterbar, while also preventing beans from rolling off the front. A shorter skid shoe design reduces weight and allows the cutterbar to cut closer to the ground for even better cutterbar flexing. The header height control system makes use of either four-sensor or two-sensor combine systems. The cutterbar uses standard three-inch guards and over-serrated knife sections with 10 teeth per inch for clean cutting.

You can manually adjust the rubber torsion springs on each floor support to adjust the flotation or to compensate for any unevenness in the cutterbar. Hydraulic cutterbar flotation adjustment is available as a dealer-installed accessory to allow you to make adjustments right from the combine cab.

A 26-inch-diameter auger with deep, five-inch flighting handles heavy crop and feeds it smoothly into the combine. A five-degree flatter auger floor angle enhances crop flow. Adjusting the auger up, down, fore and aft has been simplified. And, a new, patented rubber retention system prevents broken auger fingers from entering the combine


Model 740CF SuperFlex - 30 ft. 
Cutting width (ft) 30
Knife speed (cuts/min.) 1,300
Knife drive Standard
Knife stroke (in.) 3
Spare knife and spare bolted knife sections -
Vertical knife flexibility (in.) 6
Dual knife drive Optional
Knife travel (in) -
Feeding auger with full-width retractable fingers Standard
Spare knife Optional
Feeding auger diameter (in) 26
Auger speed (rpm) 147
Reel diameter (in) 42
Hydraulic reel drive -
Distance between knife and in take auger (in) 14.5
Autofloat™ system Standard
Medium divider Standard
Weight (lbs) 5,644
Plate point short divider -
Long divider Optional
Stub guards Optional