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MacDon C2218 / C2218C

Model C2218 / C2218C for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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One-Pass Residue Management

With a strong focus on the agronomy of corn, MacDon C Series headers provide industry-leading residue management. In a one-pass process MacDon's OctiRoll Residue Management System creates well conditioned/chopped and evenly distributed residue, necessary for achieving accurate seed depth and seed placement essential for maximizing successive crop yields. 


C Series Corn Headers feature MacDon's innovative OctiRoll. Improving on the traditional snapping roll model, this unique industry-leading design incorporates 4 point-to-point knives and 4 serrated edges, that alternate to cut and crimp the stalk every 3 inches. The OctiRoll cutting/crimping action speeds up the microbial breakdown process, taking less than half the time to decompose over typical corn headers. 


Stalks are aggressively pulled through the header and residue is consistently chopped into 2 to 3-inch pieces at harvesting speeds up to 7.5 mph (12 km/h) thanks to the extra 4 serrated blades on each OctiRoll

Optimal Stalk To Chopper Positioning

The front-mounted chopper positioned close to the underside of the rolls provides the shortest, most consistent residue size. The OctiRolls can then be run closer to the ground to better harvest downed corn while delivering the shortest stubble height possible.

You'll enjoy the direct positive drive from the specially designed high-capacity aluminum gearbox and slip clutch that powers each row unit. Chopper speed is 2800 RPM, and the chopper gearboxes can be easily disconnected row by row as needed.

Unique Snout Design

The ribbed shape strengthens the snout structure and creates less drag allowing the material to flow over it smoothly. Featuring a unique teardrop snout design that excels at lifting downed crop, minimizing ear bounce, and following curved rows, the MacDon C Series is ready for your toughest corn harvesting challenges.

Industry-Leading Visibility

White colored snouts and dividers offer industry-leading visibility when harvesting at night, making it easier for the operator to stay on the row. Red, green, and yellow colored snouts and dividers are also available to match your OEM combine color.

Strong, Light, and Fuel Efficient

  • A light yet robust frame structure and row units reduce weight.
  • The reduced frame weight, high-performance OctiRolls, aluminum gearboxes and compact driveline require less power from the combine resulting in reduced fuel consumption.

Serious Cutting Performance & Innovation

  • MacDon's OctiRoll™ Residue Management System features  4 point-to-point knives and 4 additional serrated edges on each OctiRoll™. This feature creates more pinch points on the stalk per revolution of the roll,  resulting in less trash intake, stalk slippage, and allows for a more thorough stalk cut, crimping, and chopping process.
  • Chopper models feature aluminum stalk chopper gearboxes with large oil volumes to help prevent overheating.
  • The optimized position of the chopping knives relative to the snapping rolls ensures excellent chopping quality even at harvesting speeds up to 7.5 mph (12 km/h).
  • Knives can be reversed when the front edge wears to prolong life & reduce operational costs

Easy Maintenance

  • Each front-supported OctiRoll™ uses two sealed double row ball bearings. The grease in the cavity forms a barrier to prevent dirt & debris from contacting the bearing seal. The greasing interval is weekly or every 50 hours of operation. 

Built Tough For Increased Harvesting Up-Time

  • The high-performance OctiRolls feature 4 hardened carbide knives bolted to each roll shaft for easy replacement.
  • The gathering chain drive sprockets feature a unique tooth profile that protects the gathering chain should the chain meets an obstruction; this also helps to protect the row unit driveline.

Combine Interchangeability

  • MacDon C Series Headers are designed to fit most major brand combines with an easy to install completion package. This multi-brand compatibility and interchangeability mean your investment will hold its value when it's time to update your header.


Model  C2218 C2218C
Row Spacing 22" 22"
Rows 18 18
Chopper No Yes
Folding NO No
Width 10.1 m (33 ft) 10.1 m (33 ft)
Weight 4919 kg (10845 lb) 5225 kg (11519 lb)