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Land Pride RP30 Ripper

Model RP30 Ripper for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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Features Benefits
Universal Quick Attach Hitch Ripper fits most skid steers and track loader hitches.
Reinforced hitch plate Designed to stand-up against heavy shock loads.
Heavy shank tube with 1" thick
steel surrounding the shanks at the
bottom of the square tube.
Shank mounting tube is designed to handle heavy shock loads.
Heavy-duty bolt-on skid shoes Designed for long life. Bolt-on makes them easy to replace.
Heat-treated steel shanks Wear resistant and won't bend.
Bent shank pin with hairpin keeper Makes adjusting shank depth and removing shanks easy and tool less.
Four ripping depths (2", 4", 6" & 8") Provides a wide range of ripping depth.
Replaceable shank tip Can be replaced if damaged or worn without having to replace entire shank.
Patent Pending Level Indicator Provides visual indication of Ripper levelness throughout the operation. Operator can adjust Ripper levelness on the go


Ripper overall width in (m) 68 1/2 (1.74)
Maximum working width in (m) 78 3/4 (2)
Approximate weight lbs (kg) 363 (164.7)
Horsepower rating hp (kW) 65 to 95 (48.5 to 70.8)
Hitch type Skid steer quick attach, meets ISO 24410
Number of Shanks 5
Number of shank adjustments in (cm) Quantity of 4 - 2 (5.1), 4 (10.2), 6 (15.2) and 8 (20.3) deep
Skid shoe construction in (mm) Bolt-on 5/16 (8) steel plate.
Shank tube construction in (cm) 5 x 5 (12.7 x 12.7) Square tube with reinforcement plate around bottom of shank opening.
Level Indicator (Patent Pending) Weighted indicator to indicate when unit is level.