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Kuhn SPW 19.2 CL

Model SPW 19.2 CL for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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Four Machines in One

Powerful, Clean Facer
The first machine that the SPW acts in place of is a mechanical facer. The 6’7” (2 m) wide rotating milling head provides a clean, smooth silage face. The over top rotation of the milling head shaves downward on the silage pile. Downward facing on the silage pile and eliminating undercutting possibilities provides the best oxygen-limiting environment for silage quality preservation, as well as reduces the risk of unwanted silage collapsing. Silage is loaded while the pile is being faced, minimizing a step in the process and saving time.

High-Capacity Loading Arm

The loading portion of feeding is achieved with the combination of the milling head and loading conveyor arm of the SPW. The wide, powerful milling head combined with a wide loading conveyor maximizes loading capacity of the machine. Facing and loading occur simultaneously when facing larger silage piles, maximizing capacity.

Proven Twin-Auger Mixer Design

Proven KUHN twin-auger mixer design is used on the SPW Series to guarantee excellent mix quality. The SPW leads the way in mixing control capabilities, with full adjustability of mixing augers throughout the mixing and feeding process. Unique features to the SPW mixer design include hydraulically adjustable, programmable hay stops and auger integrated magnet options.

Powerful & Reliable Engine and Drivetrain

The power unit portion of the SPW is made possible by a Tier 4 Final compliant FPT 6 cylinder 225 HP engine. The engine is placed in the rear of the machine for several reasons; ideal transfer of weight to the rear axle, kept away from dusty loading and unload areas, reduced noise in the cab, and ease of access for maintenance purposes. The SPW features a Dana Spicer® rear axle. Rear of machine weight distribution, paired with a limited slip differential, provides traction in varying conditions. The position of the rear axle provides a shorter wheelbase, increasing maneuverability of the machine.


Easy to Use, Powerful Loading Arm

High-Horsepower Milling Head

The SPW offers 200 HP at the milling head, providing power to load quickly and effectively a variety of materials. From facing silage to loading bales or bulk commodities, the high horsepower milling head gets the job done quickly.

Wide Milling Head and Loading Belt

Competitively wide milling head and loading belt maximizes the amount of capable material throughput, allowing the machine to be pushed to the maximum capacity of the high-horsepower milling head.

Auto-Drop Settings for Easy Use

The unique auto-drop feature of the milling head provides unmatched ease of facing silage piles. With the click of one button on the control joystick, the SPW milling head will automatically adjust the drop speed on a silage pile, based on hydraulic pressure. With the auto-drop function, the optimal facing rate is achieved to minimize stalling issues while also loading the machine as fast as possible.

Excellent Cab Visibility

Excellent cab visibility allows the operator to easily position the machine where it needs to be in order to speed up operation and reduce loading times. Rear-engine orientation helps open up the front area of the machine, allowing for increased visibility which leads to increased loading speeds.


Customize to Fit Operator Preference

High Visibility, Comfortable Cab

The SPW cab provides the operator with an excellent 310° range of visibility. An open, ergonomic cab combined with the rear engine orientation allows for enhanced visibility and ease of operation within the SPW cab.

On-The-Go Loading, Mixing & Unloading Adjustments

Adjustments to the milling head, loading conveyor, and mixing augers can be done with the touch of a button on-the-go on the CCI monitor. For example, when loading light material on a windy day, the operator can dial back loading conveyor speed to reduce throw off the belt and minimize wind loss chances if the wind is proving to be an issue. If it is not, the speed can be dialed up right away to speed up loading processes again.

Customizable Control Settings

Through the CCI monitor settings, control settings can be adjusted to fit the operator’s preference. Machine operating parameters, control functions, and sensitivity of controls can all be adjusted through the CCI monitor. If the operator desires to make a change about the operation of the machine, it is as simple as opening up the settings in the CCI monitor and making the adjustment.

Automatic Function Control

Several functions on the SPW can be automated for operator simplicity. For example, when loading, an automatic reversal of the milling head and conveyor can be enabled to clean out the loading arm after it is turned off each time. Another example is automatic feeding functions. With one touch mixer unloading settings (conveyor on, augers on, door open) can be enabled to provide even more ease of operation. The same capability is also available for mixing completion.


Model SPW 19.2 CL
Capacity 670 ft³ (19 m³)
Mixing system 2 vertical augers
Overall height 9'1'' (2.8 m)
Overall width 8'3'' (2.5 m)
Overall length 33'9'' (10.3 m)
Empty weight 32, 130 lbs (14,575 kg)
Gross weight 53,350 lbs (24,200 kg)
Weight distribution in % (Empty, front/rear) 30 / 70
Weight distribution in % (Loaded, front/rear) 25 / 75
Engine 225 hp FPT Tier IV Final
Turning radius 28'10'' (8.8 m)
Diesel fuel tank capacity 71.3 gal (270 L)
Rear tires 495/45 R 22.5
Front tires 445/45 R 19.5
Augers - auger speed Stepless control from 0 to 50
Milling head and loading conveyor 6'7" (2 m) milling head 200 hp (150 kW)
Wide conveyor belt 2'7" (0.8 m)
Feeding Left and right distribution with PVC front cross conveyor
Weighing system Programmable weighting unit (without data transfer)
integrated into the CCI (4 load cells)
Forward movement 0-25 mph (0-40 km/h) - 2 engageable gear ratios under load
Suspension Front and rear integral parabolic leaf spring suspension
Traction Rear drive axle with differential locking
Hydrostatic transmission 2 wheels (rear) hydrostatic drive
Block heater Engine and hydraulic oil (110 V)
Camera 3 color cameras (rear, in hopper and on front right-hand feeding side)
Air Prefilter Standard
Hydraulic milling head cover Standard
Motion control Multi-functional joystick
Basic cab equipment 8 work lights, 5 windshield wipers, 2 electrically operated and heated rear-view mirrors,
full-beam headlights and sun visor, air cushioned seat, and cab heating and air conditioning