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Kuhn 4835-840F

Model 4835-840F for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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3-Point or Pull-Type Configurations

3-Point Hitch

Designed for deep tillage with strength and durability in mind. This Category IV, 3-point hitch is integrated into a two-bar frame design with main members of heavy-duty, 6”x6” structural steel tubing.

Rear Lift Drawbar Pull-Hitch

The optional drawbar pull-hitch lets you match tractors, not equipped with 3-point hitches, to the 4835 in-line ripper. The drawbar pull-hitch includes (4) 280/70 R15 tires on the rear lift and (2) 280/70 R15 front mounted gauge wheel tires.


Shank Mounts to Match Your Field Conditions


Rigid, shear-bolt mounts are an economical choice for soils where rocks or other obstacles are not a concern.  Shear-bolt protection guards against shank damage from unexpected obstacles.

  • Shear force: 10,000 pounds (approximate)
  • 16” maximum shank working depth
  • For non-rock conditions


Spring Reset

Recommended for field conditions where obstacles or rocks may be encountered. A 4”x4” welded tube provides strength.

  •  2,500 pound point load
  •  20” trip height
  •  16” maximum shank working depth
  •  36” underframe clearance



Exclusive pivoting design allows the shank to deflect up to 6 degrees on each side for a total of 12 degrees of movement.

  •  Basic spring reset design
  •  Makes deep ripping possible on contours or terraces
  •  Deflects impacts improving performance in rocky soils
  •  Smoother steering under full power with tracked tractors
  •  Reduces stress on implement frame and 3-point tractor hitch
  •  Not compatible with pull-type hitch
  •  20” trip height
  •  16” maximum shank working depth
  •  36” underframe clearance



MRD Shanks, Points and Wings (Minimum Residue Disturbance)

Choose from a variety of MRD shank points and wings to achieve optimum residue level and surface appearance.

  •  1-1/4” Profile
  •  Austempered ductile, reversible wear bar
  •  Welded chromium carbide side plates


2” Chromium Carbide Point

5” Shattering Wing

  •  Residue remaining: 51% to 65%
  •  Fracture: 36% to 52%


Low-Disturbance Shank Cap

  •  Residue remaining: 51% to 65%
  •  Fracture: 31% to 48%


¾” Chromium Carbide Point

5” Shattering Wing

  •  Residue remaining: 68% to 75%
  •  Fracture: 36% to 52%


 Low-Disturbance Shank Cap

  •  Residue remaining: 68% to 75%
  •  Fracture: 31% to 48%


Standard No-Till Shank, Points and Wings

The no-till point and 8” wing break up the compacted soil layer, while the narrow ¾” shank slips through the soil leaving up to 86% residue on the surface. With replaceable wear parts, this no-till design offers lower operation cost versus competitors.

  • ¾” profile
  • High-tensile steel shank
  • Austempered or chromium carbide points, wings and wear bar
  • Chromium carbide side plates
  • Residue remaining: Up to 86%
  • Fracture: 55% to 70%
  • Replaceable wear parts
  • Optional 2" chromium carbide point with low-disturbance shank cap


2” Hard Surface Point

  •  Best performance for rocky conditions
  •  Residue remaining: 51% to 65%
  •  Fracture: 31% to 48%


MODEL 4835-840F
Transport Width (ft/m) 14'5" / 4.4
Frame Type NEW Heavy Duty Toolbar
6" x 6" Double Rank Toolbar
Number of Shanks 8
Shank Spacing (in/cm) 40" / 102
Working Width (ft/m) 26'8" / 8.1
Spring Reset Shank Approximate Weight (lb /kg) 8,464 / 3 839
Shear Bolt Shank Approximate Weight (lb/kg) 6,851 / 3 108
Hitch Type Category IV 3-Point with Parking Stands
Coulter Blades 22" x 1/4" Smooth, 450 lbs (250 kg) Down Pressure
Shank Mount Spring Reset: 2,500 lb Point Load, 20" Trip Height
Shanks No-Till (Very Low Surface Disturbance), ¾" Profile Wear Bar Austempered Ductile, Non-Reversible.
Chromium Carbide Shank Side Protectors
Points 1-¾" Austempered Ductile Points, 8" Austempered Shattering Wings
Depth Control Ratchet Jack Adjustable Gauge Wheels
Gauge Wheels Two 20.5" x 8", Load Range E
Wing Gauge Wheels Two 20.5" x 8", Load Range E
(One per Wing)
Transport Locks and Safety Slow Moving Vehicle Sign, High Visibility LED Transport Light Kit
Hitch Type Drawbar Pull Hitch with Rear Lift Wheels, Includes Four 280/70 R15" Tires, Duals, Two 280/70 R15" Front Mounted Gauge Wheels, One 4" x 16" and One 4 1/2" x 16" Cylinder, Color-Coded Hydraulic Hose Grips, All Hydraulic Hoses, Tongue Jack, CAT IV Hitch, Safety Chain (less parking stands)
Shank Mount Rigid: Shear Bolt Protected, 10,000 lb (Shear Force)
Shank Mount Pivoting Pathfind'r Spring Reset, 2500 lb
(Not Compatible with Pull Hitch)
Shanks MRD (Minimum Residue Disturbance) 1-1/4" Reversible Austempered Ductile Wear Bar, Chromium Carbide Shank Side Protectors
Points 2" Chromium Carbide Points
Points 2" Welded Points (MRD Shanks Only)
(Recommended for Rocky areas)
Points ¾" Chromium Carbide Points (MRD Shanks Only) 
Shattering Wing 5" Chromium Carbide Shatter Wings (MRD Shanks Only)
Shank Cap Low Disturbance Shank Cap (in lieu of wing)
Closing Wheels (2) 4 x 16" Smooth Closing Wheels per Shank, Adjustable Spring Tension (limit shank soil blowout)
Shank Stagger Kit 6" Offset Between Shanks
Recommended Operating Speed (mph/km/h) 4 - 7 / 6 - 12
Recommended Working Depth 8" - 16" / 20 - 41
Recommended Tractor Power Range (mph/kw/h) 30 - 40 PTO hp per Shank / 22- 30 kW