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Kuhn CCX 9000-21 / 8005-11

Model CCX 9000-21 / 8005-11 for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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Quantron – Control from the Cab of your Tractor

Quantron S-2

The Quantron S-2 terminal, with 5 ½” color touchscreen, allows the operator to control and monitor all aspects of the CCX 9000 from the tractor cab.


The Quantron S-2 terminal guides the operator through the calibration process, and is completed in minutes. Simply enter the seed type, target rate and forward speed. The Quantron S-2 provides the setting for the metering unit and indicates whether the small seed splines are necessary or not. The Quantron S-2 will indicate the maximum and minimum seed rates and forward speed possible with the given metering unit setting. Up to 60 sets of calibration data can be saved for future reference.

During calibration, seed is metered through the calibration door and into the seed collection bag supplied with the machine. The calibration door is opened and closed without using any wrenches and is equipped with a sensor to prevent the operator from beginning seeding without having first closed it.

The quantity of seed collected is weighed and the weight is entered into the Quantron S-2. The system then provides the operator the final calibration setting.

Metering Unit Adjustment

The Quantron S-2 indicates the required metering unit opening according to the speed type, rate and forward speed entered. The metering unit is then adjusted using the handle and the setting is shown on the easy-to-read scale.


Poly Hopper

A 21- or 45-cubic foot hopper feeds seed to the electric drive metering unit which uses a speed signal from the tractor to ensure consistent application rate regardless of forward speed variations.

Electric Drive Metering Unit

The electric drive metering unit features a unique dual-spline system meaning there are no components to add or remove when changing between small and large seed types or when switching between rates.

Seed Splines

Small seed splines are used to reduce the volume of the metering unit when working with small seeds at low rates. They are engaged or disengaged without adding or removing any components from the metering unit, and the Quantron S-2 indicates their requirement during the calibration process.

Implement Switch

The implement switch stops and starts the metering unit automatically as the Excelerator® is lifted in and out of work.


Seed Distribution System

Seed is split precisely between outlets using an air drill style divider head to ensure excellent repartition of seed across the width of the machine. Outlet hoses are mounted between the Star Wheel™ treaders and 24/7® conditioning reels on the Excelerator®. Easily adjust the seed diffuser angle with the “wrenchless” design. Aim diffusers forward toward the Star Wheel™ treaders for deeper seed placement or rearward toward the 24/7® conditioning reel for shallower seed placement. This system features a hydraulically driven fan. Speed can be adjusted to suit seed type by adjusting the oil flow from the tractor.

Wrenchless Adjustment – Seed Diffuser Angle

Wrenchless adjustment of seed diffuser angle: aim diffusers forward toward the Star Wheels™ for deeper seed placement or rearward toward the reel for shallower seed placement.


Model CCX 9000-21 / 8005-11
Number of Diffusers 9
Transport Width With CCX9000 (ft/m) 12'9" / 3.8
Transport Height With CCX9000 (ft/m) 10' / 3
Overall Length (ft/m) 4'10" / 1.5
Overall Height (ft/m) 4'9" / 1.4
Hopper Capacity 17 bushels / 21 cu. ft / 600 liters
Metering Unit Volumetric metering unit with electric drive
Small Seed Splines Standard
Speed Signal From tractor (standard) or using tractor wheel speed sensor (option)
Agitator Shaft Standard: Engaged/disengaged without wrenches
Control Terminal Quantron S-2 with 5.5 inch color screen
Units Used User defined: Imperial or Metric
In-Cab Application Rate Adjustment Standard: Rate can be adjusted to +/- 99% of target rate on the fly
Automatic Start/Stop Standard
Calibration Assistant Standard
Area Meter Standard
Filling Platform and Access Ladder Standard
Weight (Empty, without Adaptation) (lb/kg) 309 / 140