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Kubota U27-4

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Clean Running Kubota Tier 4 Engine

Kubota excavators are all powered by Kubota Tier 4 emission engines. The modern engine design maximizes digging and lifting performance, delivers minimized noise and vibration and meets the latest engine emission regulation.

Two Speed Travel

All Kubota excavators have a two speed drive that allows for efficient machine maneuverability and backfill operations.

Changeable Control Pattern

Convenient Two-pattern Selection System (TPSS) allows you to change between ISO and SAE operating patterns with a quick flip of the TPSS switch – without tools or leaving your seat.

Comfort & Convenience

  • A spacious operator station designed for greater comfort, with a fully flat floor for more legroom
  • Digital panel with easy access, simple settings and easy-to-read indicators and alerts
  • Easy cab entry and exit
  • Easy-open front slide window
  • Wrist rest
  • Cup holder
  • Optional cab


  • Front pin bushings to help maximize durability
  • Centralized swivel bearing lubrication
  • Protected cylinder hoses
  • Steel hood panels
  • One-sided engine maintenance
  • Wide hood openings for easy access to engine and other vital components 


  • Proportional flow control of auxiliary circuit (AUX1) and maximum oil flow setting – you can operate a larger variety of auxiliary attachments than ever before
  • Proportional AUX flow switch – a convenient bi-directional switch enables easy operation of hydraulic thumbs and other hydraulic attachments such as augers and breakers


Engine ModelEngine ModelKubota D1105-BH
Horsepower (gross)Horsepower (gross)20.8
Displacement (cu. in.)Displacement (cu. in.)68.5
Overall Length, ft (mm)Overall Length, ft (mm)13ft 6in
Overall Height, ft (mm)Overall Height, ft (mm)7ft 11in
Overall Width, ft (mm)Overall Width, ft (mm)4ft 11in
Min. Ground Clearance, in (mm)Min. Ground Clearance, in (mm)12.1in
Crawler Length, ft (mm)Crawler Length, ft (mm)6ft 6.3in (1990)
Pump Capacity, GPM (LPM)Pump Capacity, GPM (LPM)20.3
Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate, GPM (LPM)Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate, GPM (LPM)12.7
Bucket Breakout Force, lbs (kgf)Bucket Breakout Force, lbs (kgf)7014
Arm Breakout Force, lbs (kgf)Arm Breakout Force, lbs (kgf)2777 (1990)
Traveling Speed: High, mph (kph)Traveling Speed: High, mph (kph)1.6 2.7
Traveling Speed: Low, mph (kph)Traveling Speed: Low, mph (kph)1.6
Ground Contact Pressure psi, kgf (cm2)Ground Contact Pressure psi, kgf (cm2)3.321
Blade Width, ft (mm)Blade Width, ft (mm)59.1in
Blade Height, in (mm)Blade Height, in (mm)11.8in
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir / System, gal (l)Hydraulic Oil Reservoir / System, gal (l)5.8 / 9.7
Fuel Reservoir, gal (l)Fuel Reservoir, gal (l)8.7
Operating Weight, lbs (kg)Operating Weight, lbs (kg)5625 (2550)