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Danuser Python Wire Unroller

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  • Connects to a 2” receiver hitch
  • Optimal clearance for open tailgates providing easy access to cargo area
  • Features convenient rebar and t-post straightener for fencing repair
  • Built-in wire tensioner cleats for stretching and holding wire for desired tightness
  • Unrolls barbed or smooth wire
  • Controlled spinning to prevent backlash
  • Angled frame design gives the Python Unwinder an additional 9½ inches of ground clearance for work in uneven terrain


Length: (rear hole to spool far edge) 44.375"
Height: (bottom of the frame to the top of spool) 30.625"
Weight: 84 lbs.
Spool diameter: 22" 
Capacity: Up to 3/4 mile barbed (12.5 gauge
Up to 6 miles smooth (14 gauge)