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Danuser Hammer SM40 with Tilt

Model Hammer SM40 with Tilt for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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  • 40" drop hammer design
  • Tilt feature will allow up to 20º to the left or right
  • One-person grapple option available 


 Model  SM40 w/ Tilt SM40 w/ Tilt and Grapple
Overall Length 45.5"
Overall Width 25.5"
Overall Height 64"
Tilt (side-side) 20°
Machine Weight 1,005 lbs (1,205 lbs w/ additional weight) 1,045 lbs (1,245 lbs w/ additional weight)
Hammer Weight 300 LBS (500 LBS MAX)
Length of Stroke 40"
Max. Strokes per Minute 35
Hydraulic Requirements 1500-3000 PSI
*12-30 GPM
Maximum Post Width 8.5" x 9.25"
Impact Force 82,000 lbs @ 500 lb weight
Impact Energy 1,025 ft-lbs @300 lb weight;
1,709 ft-lbs @ 500 lb weight
*Hammer will still operate on machines with less than 12 GPM
with fewer strokes per minute.
Post Dimensions: T-post to RR Tie
Impact Force: 82,000 lbs.
Length of Stroke: 40
Hammer Weight: 300
Strokes per Minute: 35