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Case IH WD2105

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  • Horsepower

    150 - 250 HP

  • Fuel Capacity

    120 Gallons

  • FPT Engine

    4.5 / 6.7 L

  • Header Drive



Windrower Innovations for Maximum Productivity
    Field Cruise
    • Field Cruise
    • Triple Windrower Attachment
    What is Field Cruise?
    Field Cruise is a new software feature that now is included with all 6-cylinder windrowers equipped with a AFS Pro 700 display. This software allows the operator to choose to run in a fuel-saving Eco mode or a high-productive Power mode.This software includes the ECO Power Mode, Power Cruise Mode and Headland Feature.
    ECO Power Mode
    The machine continuously monitors engine load and maintains the lowest engine speed to maintain the desired ground speed. When heavier crop is encountered, the engine speed increases to what is needed. If the crop is so heavy that disc speed drops, ground speed will be temporarily lowered.
    Power Cruise Mode
    In this mode, the engine load is kept consistent by varying the ground speed. In heavy crop, the speed is decreased; in light crop it is increased.
    Headland Feature
    This mode allows the operator to negotiate headlands more easily. A single button on the multi-function handle can be set to slow the machine and raise the head. Once the operator gets lined up for the next pass, another press of the same button will lower the head and return the machine to the preset speed. The headland sequence can also control a merger attachment (if equipped).This feature can run simultaneously with either ECO Power or Power Cruise modes.
    Triple Windrow Attachment (TWA)

    The Triple Windrow Attachment (TWA) for Case IH WD5 windrowers turns your machine into more than just a cutting and conditioning implement. The TWA eliminates the need to rake and merge with other implements saving time, fuel and expense.The TWA can build the windrow of your choice by merging two or three swaths into a single windrow.

    Easy To Use
    • In-Cab controls let the operator adjust the speed of the belt to build the desired windrow.
    • When not in use the TWA folds tightly under the windrower to allow for a single swath or is locked upright for roading
    Improves Efficiency

    The merger allows 2 or 3windrows to be placed toether which can reduce trips across the field to rake or merge the crop.


    The TWA crop merger can be installed on MY16 and newer WD2104/2504 (Tier 4B) and WD2105/WD2505 using RD163 or RD193 disc headers. An auxiliary pump is required on the SPW to provide the correct hydraulic flow rate; kit p/n 48156661. The merger is not compatible with sickle heads.

    Operating Enhancements

    Straightforward Operation

    • Driveability

      • Redesigned precision ground drive system monitors wheel speed differences and self-compensates by adjusting wheel speeds to ensure the best tracking possible and straight-line travel
      • Drive-by-wire ground propulsion and steering system make road transport and field work easier by providing retaining light-touch steering
      • Road speeds up to 30 mph get you to the field faster
      • Cutting speeds up to 20 mph save you time in the field
    • Easy Adjustments

      • Simplified flotation system allows adjustments to be made on the fly
      • Power Down feature - lift arms can be lowered to the ground without making adjustments to flotation
      • Easy header hookup with wider lift arms and power down option
    • Ground Drive System

      • In addition to the increased field and transport speeds, the new ground drive system produces over 11,000 ft-lbs of torque
      • With this power the WD5 can climb grades up to 70%

    Operator Environment

    The Ultimate in Cab Comfort and Function

    • Cab Comfort

      • Tuned cab suspension provides better fore/aft stabilization for those long haying days
      • Suspended cab and air bag rear-axle suspension results in a smoother ride
      • Larger, easy-entry steps, leather ventilated seat, and additional window tinting for a cool and comfortable workday
      • Optional Bluetooth® radio lets you listen to your favorite music or talk hands-free
    • MultiFunction Handle

      • The MultiFunction Handle is available on all models
      • Handle features several ergonomic enhancements for increased operator productivity and comfort
    • Lighting Packages

      Three different lighting packages based on operational need:
      • The standard package featuring 4 Halogen work lights in the roofline, 2 Halogen rear facing lights and 2 halogen stubble lights
      • The deluxe package featuring 4 high-output LED lights in the roofline, 2 Halogen rear facing lights and 2 stubble lights
      • The premium package featuring 4 high-outpet LED lights in the roofline, 2 high output LED rear facing lights and 2 high-output LED stubble lights.

    AFS Technology

    AFS Provides Peak Efficiency
    Case IH windrowers feature integrated Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) technology, including the AFS Pro 700 display, to manage autoguidance, control key machine functions including Field Cruise and monitor windrower performance.
      Integrated Guidance Option
      • Integrated Guidance Option
      • AFS Pro 700 Display
      Integrated Guidance Option
      • Guidance Complete – display, receiver and navigation controller; WAAS or OmniStar
      • All WD5 are autoguidance ready. Units may be ordered auto-guidance complete from the factory or completed by the dealership.

      Faster Line Approach for More Productivity

      The WD5 series can approach a guidance line at speeds greater than 10 miles per hour.

      Maximum Line Acquisition
      • Angle improved to 90 degrees.
      • An operator needs to simply drive near the next line, press the autoguidance activate button, and then the WD5 takes over.
      • Even when the Windrower is perpendicular to a guidance line, it’s possible to activate guidance.
      Smoother, Faster, and More Accurate Line Acquisition.

      WD5 models move to acquire the line almost immediately and lock on 30% faster. The WD5 sweeps to the line smoothly without abrupt or jerky auto guidance movements.

      Factory-Equipped and Transferable
      • All WD5 Windrowers are equipped with the Case IH AFS Pro 700 10" color, touch-screen display.
      • The AFS Pro 700 monitor is transferable to other Case IH equipment for ease of use.
      Run Diagnostics

      Perform diagnostic functions right from your display

      Unified Display
      • All machine functions and operation information is available in one display
      • Display is customizable and easy to read
      Rear Camera

      Optional rear camera kit can be added and run through the AFS Pro 700 display.


      Efficient, Powerful, Clean Engines

      Emission-compliant, biodiesel-approved engines provide muscle to handle heavy loads, wet conditions and hillsides without slowdown.

      • Efficient Power

        The WD5 series windrowers offer engines with Case IH Efficient Power technology. Windrower field tests have demonstrated a minimum of 10 percent operating cost advantage compared to similar windrowers. The 4-cylinder WD1505 and 6-cylinder WD2105 and WD2505 deliver 150, 210 and 250 horsepower, respectively.

        Windrower engines feature turbocharger, air-to-air intercooling and computer-aided-design parent bore block with contoured outer surface for increased overall block strength and reduced noise and vibration.

      • Clean Power

        The windrowers are equipped with our patented Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) - only exhaust aftertreatment technolgy to meet Tier 4 B/Final emissions requirements.Because SCR does its work outside the engine, the engine can be tuned to operate at its peak power and fuel efficiency.

      Service and Maintenance

      Durability and Easy Serviceability for Maximum Uptime

      • The swing-out door behind the cab and lift-up side shields provide easy access to the engine and key maintenance points
      • The rotary self-cleaning radiator screen keeps air flowing without restriction to the radiator
      • The hinged swing-out cover opens wide to allow access to the air-conditioning condenser, hydraulic oil cooler, radiator and intercooler
      • 120-gal (454L) fuel capacity and 19-gal (71.9L) DEF capacity means you can work a day without refills
      • Fuel fill, hydraulic reservoir and hydraulic filters are accessible from ground level


      Sicklebar (Auger) Headers
      Draper Headers
      Rotary Disc Headers
      Double Windrow Attachment
      Hydraulic Header Reverser
      Rated Power hp [ kW ]
      Max Power hp [ kW ]
      Number Of Cylinders
      Displacement Inches³ [ ltr ]
      Radiator/Screen Cleaning
      Alternator Rating Amp
      Fuel Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
      DEF Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
      Max Field Speed mph [ kph ]
      Max Road Speed mph [ kph ]
      Tire Size, Drive End
      Tire Size, Engine End
      Suspended Rear Axle (Engine End)
      Cab Suspension
      Length With Header inches [ mm ]
      Length Without Header inches [ mm ]
      Height Over Cab inches [ mm ]
      Track Width (Drive End) inches [ mm ]
      Track Width (Engine End) - In (mm)
      Min Track Width (Engine End) inches [ mm ]
      Max Track Width (Engine End) inches [ mm ]
      Wheelbase inches [ mm ]
      Crop Clearance inches [ mm ]
      Weight Without Header lbs [ kg ]