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Case IH True-Tandem 375 Disk Harrow

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  • Working Width

    22' 0" - 46' 7"

  • Transport Width

    14' 6" - 18' 6"

  • Disk Blade Diameter

    22" - 26"

  • Disk Blade Spacing

    7.5" or 9"

True-Tandem™ Family

True-Tandem disk harrows series delivers the latest disk harrows technology combined with Case IH durability.The rugged frame design, exclusive Earth Metal® blades and intuitive depth adjustment help you achieve seedbed perfection.

Agronomic Design™ Features

Effectively Manage Soil Without Compaction

True-Tandem disk harrow technology combines uniformly distributed pull forces with exclusive Earth Metal blades for optimal tillage performance, even in the roughest of fields. Built on proven Agronomic Design principles, our disk harrows help you effectively manage soil and residue without compaction. Slice through tough residue, uproot root balls and level the soil to create the best possible seedbed for your crop.
Learn about the 7 key agronomic areas
  • Crop Residue Management

    • Control residue size and distribution to promote faster breakdown and nutrient cycling
    • Ultimate disk harrow technology to manage residue from a multitude of crops
    • The Crumbler puts the final touches on the seedbed
    • Precise depth adjustment allows for greater control over soil residue cover at planting to fit a wide range of soil types, topographies and management objectives
  • Soil Tilth

    • Break through crusty, sealed-over soils to achieve the proper balance of minerals, air and water
    • The 18-degree gang angle matches blade concavity for thorough soil mixing and leveling
    • Promote a better seedbed finish without the excessive compaction typical of heavier disks
    • Helps reduce residue hair-pinning, resulting in better seed-to-soil contact and stand establishment
  • Seedbed Conditioning

    • Put the finishing touches on fields by sizing clods and increasing the soil’s contact with residue for maximum decomposition
    • Provide a uniform seedbed depth and temperature, contributing to early, even plant emergence


Frame With Built-In Durability
Improve balance and stability in the field with the True-Tandem frame design. The combination of mirror-matched gangs and a rugged, low-maintenance pull-through frame eliminate drift and accommodate higher ground speeds compared with the traditional double-offset frame. LED lights and a high-quality powder coat paint finish keep you in the field longer and your equipment looking good for years to come.
    • Frame
    • Wheels & Tires
    • Hitch
    Mainframe & Wings
    • Provide exceptional center of gravity and balance
    • Designed with gusset plates to maximize strength and stress distribution
    • Deliver more uniform weight per blade
    • Overlapping weld design and welded cylinders improve durability while reducing maintenance and the chance of leaking
    Durable Design Attributes
    • Included LED lights are brighter and longer-lasting than incandescent lamps
    • Class 3 powder coat paint finish retains color longer and is more scratch-resistant
    Greaseless Bearings
    • Featured on wing pivots, rockshafts and the Crumbler
    • Reduces routine maintenance, keeping you in the field longer
    Larger Tires, Less Compaction
    • Large, stubble-resistant tires provide a greater footprint and reduce compaction
    • Wheels work independently for a smoother ride and longer life
    • Rockshaft is mounted directly to the frame, the hubs and tires are more durable and tillage tool more balanced
    Walking Tandems
    • Provide excellent depth control and stability
    • Low-cost standard configuration or optional larger, stubble-resistant tires
    Frame-Mounted Gauge Wheels
    • Bolted directly to the frame
    • Adjustable, one-way pivot design provides stability and less wobble in normal field conditions
    • Design avoids sliding the gauge wheel and gouging the gang when wheel is on inside of turn
    • Set the gauge wheel for easy wing leveling — no wrenches are needed
    • Pivoting gauge radial stabilizer wheel increases surface area and provides improved durability
    Rigid Wing Wheels
    For those areas with smooth field conditions, optional rigid, dual wing wheels are available as a value option
    Two Height Options
    The rugged True-Tandem frame provides two height options for the hitch, depending on the tractor’s drawbar. Whether going across rugged, rolling terrains or field to field, you’ll be able to easily maneuver your equipment.
    Front T-Bone Hitch
    • Spring cushioned, featuring the “perfect hitch” clevis for tractor pin compatibility and extra safety during hook up
    • Engineered to maximize rear tractor tire clearance during tight turns
    Swivel Hose Stand
    • Mounted on the pull hitch
    • Keeps hydraulic hoses and wires out of the way during hook up and transport
    Rear Hitch Versatility
    • Optional feature allows for pull-type attachments for additional soil conditioning
    • Equipped with a 9-pin electronic connector for lighting and one set of hydraulic couplers
    • Hitch vertical capacity is 1,000 lb.

    Leveling & Depth Control

    Level the Growing Field

    Work the soil you want to work. The lineup of True-Tandem disk harrows engages soil to your intended depth without disrupting soil density below the operating depth. It’s a system that’s proven to provide more consistency, even as soil types change across the field. And thanks to an intuitive depth adjustment system, you easily can adjust depth control and leveling to meet the needs of your conditions and fields.
    • Single-point Hydraulic Depth Control

      • Easily adjust operating depth with a single hand crank conveniently located at the front of the machine
      • Helps adjust to adverse conditions, such as wet, muddy soil
      • The system holds a constant blade operating depth to provide a uniform seedbed depth temperature, contributing to early, even plant emergence
    • Fore and Aft Leveling

      • Increased wingspan improves overall balance and fore and aft leveling
      • Optional hydraulic front-to-back leveling allows quick operator reaction to changes in field conditions
      • View the gauge from the cab to easily return to your pre-adjusted position

    Gang Assembly

    Durability and Low Maintenance For Any Field

    The True-Tandem gang assembly precisely matches front and rear gang blades for maximum productivity and a smooth seedbed, regardless of field conditions. The 18-degree gang angle paired with the concavity and crimped center of each blade gives you even cutting and mixing action. With more durability and low maintenance features, the True-Tandem disk harrow will get you in and out of the field and ready to plant.
    • Bearing Options

      • Flange-style bearing works well in fields with few rocks and debris
      • For areas with rocks and debris, the cushion gang option holds the arbor bolt firm, yet allows the joint to rotate freely through rough terrain for a high-quality finish
      • For extreme soil conditions and rocky areas, additional heavy-duty bearings and gang hangers strengthen and support longer gang segments (31 ft. and 34 ft. only)
    • Proven Center Shank Design

      • A center shank removes the uncut soil between disk gangs to create uniform residue and soil mixing
      • Designed to let residue and soil roll off
    • Nodular Cast-iron Spools

      • Made from nodular iron, which is stronger than gray cast-iron or steel-fabricated spools
      • Spools withstand shock loads, providing the weight necessary to cut residue and penetrate hard soil
      • The needed weight to penetrate hard ground and cut residue is carried in the gang, not the frame of the tool to reduce the stress on frames, bearings and gang hangers
    • New Bolt-and-Clamp Mounting Design

      • Straight bolts and steel plates around the gang tube add strength and durability

    AFS Technology

    Optimize Every Pass with AFS Soil Command™

    In any condition, Case IH AFS Soil Command™ tillage technology adds site-specific precision to soil management. Now you can maximize environmental, economic and agronomic performance with total implement control, as-tilled mapping and the ability to create and execute soil management prescriptions
    Learn More about AFS Soil Command™
    • Coordinated Control

      • Precisely coordinate every component of your True-Tandem™ disk harrow to optimize all machine settings as field conditions change.
      • When the disk frame depth is adjusted, all other functions of the machine — such as Crumbler® pressure, and fore and aft levelness — react to remain optimized for agronomic performance.
      • Be confident the tillage tool is set for optimal performance, no matter the operator.
    • Tillage Prescriptions

      • Prescription technology takes the same variable rate approach you use for seed and fertilizer rates with site-specific tillage and zone management.
      • Match tillage treatments to the specific conditions of your fields, from residue management and compaction removal to improving soil conservation and minimizing erosion.
      • Zone-managed tillage allows you to farm for all conditions, and makes every inch of the field an optimal environment for plants.
    • Efficient Soil Managment

      • Proven AFS technology and tillage prescriptions allow the farm manager to control exactly how and where a field is treated and prepared.
      • Increase productivity and cover more acres with the ability to vary and increase speed as conditions allow.
      • Agronomically correct field preparation creates an optimal seedbed to maximize planting and seeding productivity.


    Keep Your Edge With Earth Metal® Disk Blades

    Our industry-exclusive Earth Metal disk blades help you cover rocky terrain and uneven ground with confidence — even at high speeds. Equally tough and breakage-resistant in all directions, Earth Metal disk blades are proven stronger than ordinary carbon steel blades. Perfect for no-till and minimum-till environments, these disk blades penetrate hard, dry soils to help you break through surface compaction, effectively slicing through fall crop residue or spring weed flush.
    Keep Your Edge With Earth Metal® Disk Blades
    • Right-sized for Performance

      • True-Tandem 345 disk harrow blades are 22 inches in diameter, right sized to handle residue.
      • The True-Tandem 375 all-purpose disk features a unique shallow concavity bladed front gang and a standard concavity rear gang for better soil penetration and increased ground speeds.
      • Standard concavity equipped front gang is also available for a more traditional disk configuration.
      • A 26-inch blade option is available on the True-Tandem 375 disk harrow for maximum soil movement and mixing
      • Blades provide additional tillage depth to help move more soil and residue
      • Capable of running 4.5-7 miles per hour for greater productivity
    • Built for Longevity

      • Using pure boron alloy steel and an extremely precise manufacturing process means the disk blades hold their shape better and resist breaking or bending
      • Each disk blade runs on its edge, causing soil to explode off the blade and level with minimal backside pressure — this results in reduced compaction compared with conventional blades
    • Crimped-center Disk Blades

      • Blades feature a unique, flat, crimped center for a tighter fit with the cast iron nodular spools
      • Blade design adds strength where it counts — in the center of the blade
      • Disk blade scrapers are adjustable in gangs or individually
      • Scraper arm options can be tailored to local conditions, with heavy-duty, rigid arm scrapers recommended for heavy soils and lighter residue situations
    • Rollable Disk Blades

      • Rollable disk blade offering allows customers who desire the ability to edge roll the disk blade to sharpen
      • Made of a high-quality alloy with the toughness and durability of boron while maintaining the ability to roll the edge
      • Note: This offering is not Earth Metal

    Crumbler and Coil Tine Harrow

    Reach Seedbed Perfection

    Put the finishing touches on your seedbed with the double-edge TigerPaw Crumbler rolling reel. Every bar has two edges to hit large clods twice and tuck residue under the soil’s surface for improved leveling and better seed-to-soil contact. The unique design of the Crumbler ensures each bar is rifled to maintain constant down pressure, while hydraulic cylinders provide easy adjustability from the cab and settings to match any field condition.
    • TigerPaw Crumbler

      • The patented Crumbler produces more uniform clod sizing and residue distribution
      • The formed, twisted, shape limits excessive penetration into the soil to minimize accumulation of mud inside the Crumbler
      • The Crumbler is made of high-strength steel for a longer life
      • Mounted directly to the main frame for a more stable, long-lasting and reliable tool
    • Hydraulic Down Pressure

      • Hydraulic down pressure allows downforce to be applied to the Crumbler and easily adjusted to match field conditions
      • The force is changed with a hydraulic valve block found near the front of the tool
    • 3-bar Coil Tine Harrow

      • Made to perform in high-residue conditions
      • Adjustable tine angles and an adjustable down pressure
      • Indexed tines improve soil leveling

    True-Tandem Family

    Need Help Choosing a True-Tandem?

    With so many options today, it's crucial to understand how each product may respond in your conditions. Learn more about how the True-Tandem family of disk harrows and vertical tillers compares to each other in similar, heavy residue conditions.​

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    Disk Harrow Type Tandem
    Frame Type Flexible
    Min Working Width ft/in [ m ]22 ft 4 in [6.8]
    Max Working Width ft/in [ m ]36 ft 7 in [11.2]
    Min Transport Width ft/in [ m ]14 ft 6 in [4.4]
    Max Transport Width ft/in [ m ]18 ft [5.5]
    Min Transport Height ft/in [ m ]11 ft 2 in [3.4]
    Max Transport Height ft/in [ m ]15 ft 4 in [4.7]
    Min Weight lbs [ kg ]14272 [6464]
    Max Weight lbs [ kg ]22048 [9984]
    Sizes Available 6
    Disk Blade Spacing - In (mm) 9 (229)
    Disk Blade Diameter - In (mm) 24 (610)
    Disk Blade Thickness - In (mm) 0.197 or 0.256 (5.0 or 6.5)
    Disk Blade Thickness inches [ mm ]
    Blade Edge Profile Solid
    Optional Blade Edge Profile
    Blade Concavity Shallow front, Standard rear; Standard concave opt. front
    Gang Mounting To Frame Rigid or C-Spring Cushion
    Front Gang Angle - In (mm) 18
    Rear Gang Angle - In (mm) 18
    Disk Bearings Greasable
    Gang Arbor Bolts inches [ mm ]1.5 [38] square
    Disk Spool Description 6.0 (152) nodular cast iron
    Disk Blade Scraper Spring steel, rigid arm
    Transport Wheel Mounting Walking tandem
    Transport Tires 12.5Lx15 or 340/55-16 for up to 28'
    Optional Transport Tires 380/60 R16.5 for 31' to 37'
    Wing Wheel Mounting Walking tandem
    Wing Tires 11L x 15 8 ply std.; or 380/60 R16.5 opt.
    Attachment To Tractor Pull-type
    Min Operating Depth inches [ mm ]1 [25]
    Max Operating Depth inches [ mm ]6 [152]
    Depth Control Single point hydraulic, crank adjust
    Fore/aft Leveling Mechanical std.; hydraulic opt
    Required Power - Low hp/ft [ kW/m ]10 [24]
    Required Power - High hp/ft [ kW/m ]13 [32]
    Rolling Basket, Reel Or Chopper Double-edge reel bars, hydraulic down force
    Coil Tine Harrow 3 bar coil tine
    Spike Tooth Harrow No spike tooth option
    Rear Hitch Optional, without harrow