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Case IH Trident 5550

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  • Engine Horsepower

    390 HP

  • Applicator Type

    Liquid & Dry

  • Change-Over Time

    42 min*

  • Seasons of Use


Meet the Trident 5550

Setting Productivity Standards

The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator didn’t earn CropLife IRON “Product of the Decade”honors for nothing. With a 42-minute changeover time, this combination applicator redefines what applicationproductivity can do for your business. Plus, industry-leading horsepower means you’re never short on power,even in tough conditions. Here are three ways the Trident 5550 combination applicator delivers unmatchedproductivity:
  • Choose Your Speed

    • Select your maximum speed with two modes of operation — field or road.
    • Travel field to field faster with 40 mph roading speeds — the quickest in the industry for a high-clearance,row crop applicator.
  • High-Capacity Productivity

    • Cover more acres with high-capacity configurations. The Trident 5550 Liquid System features either a1,400- or 1,600- gallon tank, while New Leader® NL4500T G4 Edge and New Leader NL5000 G5 variablerate dry nutrient applicator bins hold up to 330 cubic feet of dry product.
    • Paired with higher field speeds, a longer run time between refills means more acres in the books.
  • Exceptional Rate Capabilities

    • The Trident 5550 Liquid System delivers a throughput of more than 60 gallons per acre — all withoutsacrificing field speed.
    • The optional direct injection feature, available with the 1,400-gallon tank configuration, allows forselective spraying to deliver exceptional application accuracy and easier rinsing.

Three Seasons of Use

Welcome to High-efficiency Crop Production

The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator embodies High-Efficiency Farming: efficient use of time, resources and inputs. And today, maximizing yield potential requires a more specialized approach to feeding and protecting. The Trident 5550 meets those demands across three seasons of use — preplant, postemerge, postharvest.
  • Season 1

    • Outfitted with the New Leader NL4500T G4 Edge or NL5000 G5variable rate dry nutrient applicator, wrap up dry fertilizer applications remaining from the previous fall, and then quickly switch to the liquid system.
    • Make in-crop pesticide applications; apply nitrogen later in the season to boost protein levels.
  • Season 2

    • Preplant, preemerge or postemerge, protect valuable crops from all types of pests — weeds, insects and fungi. Switch back to the dry applicator, if desired, for topdress fertilizer applications.
    • Make postharvest burndown applications before planting double-crop soybeans. Convert to the NL4500T G4 Edge of NL5000 G5 variable rate dry nutrient applicator and apply dry fertilizer postharvest; switch back to the liquid system.
  • Season 3

    • Follow the combines with postharvest fertilizer applications.
    • Preserve valuable soil moisture with chem-fallow burndown applications ahead of winter wheat seeding or to maintain clean stubble until winter, setting the field up for spring planting and seeding.

Quick Conversion

A Quick-Change Tool That Works Fast

A combination applicator that takes hours to switch between liquid and dry isn’t a true combination applicator. The Case IH Aerial Lift Device helps convert from the Trident 5550 Liquid System to the NL4500T G4 Edge or NL5000 G5 variable rate dry nutrient applicator in just 42 minutes.* The fast, easy changeover puts you back in the field sooner, helping you make better use of your fleet.
A Quick-Change Tool That Works Fast
  • *Changeover achieved in 42 minutes by three people using a telehandler and the Case IH Aerial Lift Device outdoors. Changeover times and manpower could be reduced in a controlled environment, using an overhead hoist.

Liquid Application

AIM Command FLEX™

Get the most out of every tankful, every hour and every acre with AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology. This superior spray system is a factory-equipped option on every Trident 5550 Liquid System and delivers the ultimate in sprayer control for more efficient use of time and resources with sound product stewardship.
  • How It Works

    Pulse width modulation spray technology ensures a constant application rate and spray pressure, even when sprayer speed changes. Think of it as a way to change nozzle tips without leaving the cab. Once you select a standard tip based on application rate, chemical droplet size and travel speed, AIM Command FLEX automatically and precisely controls the flow to meet targeted application rates. Working at 10 pulses per second, nozzle valves vary the duty cycle to maintain the correct application rate as sprayer speed changes.
  • Precise Application

    AIM Command FLEX controls product flow and pressure more precisely than conventional rate controllers. Regardless of speed or ground conditions, this technology optimizes application rates and droplet sizes for consistent application, delivering more consistent, flexible and accurate application, even in turns, rough terrain and irregular-shaped fields. Eliminate worry about overapplication or underapplication. AIM Command FLEX delivers quality application for effective and efficient use of crop protection products and spray operations.
  • On-demand Drift Control

    Maintaining a constant spray pressure means consistent droplet sizes and less opportunity for off-target applications.AIM Command FLEX also offers two pre-set spray pressure settings that you can toggle between on-the-go for effective drift control.
  • Turn Compensation

    When your sprayer runs in a straight line, every nozzle moves over the field at the same speed. But during turns, ground speed varies across the boom — causing underapplication on the outside of the boom and overapplication on the inside of the boom.The turn compensation feature on AIM Command FLEX eliminates this issue by adjusting flow rates on each individual nozzle across the boom during turns.

Liquid Application Tank

High-capacity Productivity

The Trident 5550 combination applicator provides the capacity and reliable ruggedness to keep you rolling through three seasons of application. The Trident 5550 Liquid System features either a 1,400- or 1,600-gallon tank for longer run time between refills. That means more time in the field and more acres in the books every day.

Dry Application

New Leader® Variable Rate Dry Nutrient Applicators

As fertility becomes more complex, the Trident 5550 combination applicator — featuring the optional New Leader® NL4500T G4 Edge or NL5000 G5 variable rate dry nutrient applicator — can help you meet the demands of these prescription nutrient programs. And because you can apply up to four dry products at once, you can meet those demands more efficiently.
  • Precision Spinner Technology

    The NL4500T G4 Edge and NL5000 G5 feature patented precision spinner technology that allows it to spread product faster, wider — dry fertilizer up to 120 feet and ag lime up to 60 feet — and more consistently. Laser-cut components help create precise self-centering elements necessary for precision dry product application.
    Learn more about the NL5000 G5
  • Intuitive Interface

    The easy-to-use New Leader interface lets you manage applications precisely. It features plug-and-play ISOBUS electronics that seamlessly interface with either the AFS Pro 700 or Viper 4+ rate controllers. Plus, advanced hydraulics support precise, independent spinner speed and conveyor control. System sensors and alerts, plus automatic chain tensioners greatly extend conveyor life.
  • Apply up to Four Products

    The MultApplier™ option increases productivity by applying two products simultaneously or independently at straight or variable rates in one pass. Add micronutrients via the MultiBin™ option and apply up to four products in one pass. That means fewer trips across the field for reduced soil compaction, labor and fuel consumption.

Dry Application Bins

High-Capacity Productivity

Waterfall dividers and a high feedgate opening allow for maximum product output, while maintaining a consistent drop point for repeatable product placement. Large bin capacities and configuration options let you customize your dry applicator to meet your needs, so you spend less time filling and more time spreading (all capacities are struck).
  • Single bin: 330 cubic feet
  • Five-foot MultApplier bin, 115 cubic feet; Bin 1, 190 (or 189, depending on model) cubic feet; total capacity, 305 cubic feet.
  • Seven-foot MultApplier bin, 161 cubic feet; Bin 1, 131 cubic feet; total capacity, 292 cubic feet.
  • Three-bin MultiBin system: Bin 1, 131 cubic feet; Bin 2, 143 cubic feet; Bin 3, 44 cubic feet.
  • Four-bin MultiBin system: Bin 1, 131 cubic feet; Bin 2, 143 cubic feet; Bin 3, 21 cubic feet; Bin 4, 23 cubic feet.

Operator Environment

The Surveyor® Cab

With 109.5 cubic feet of interior space, the Surveyor cab provides exceptional leg room and room to stretch during those long hours in the cab. And all that space is put to efficient use, with easy access to operator controls without sacrificing visibility. Luxury or deluxe, you choose the option that best meets your needs.
  • Deluxe Surveyor Cab

    The deluxe Surveyor cab offers unmatched amenities and creature comforts: cloth operator and instructor seats, soft-grip steering wheel, rubber floor mat.
  • Luxury Surveyor Cab

    The luxury Surveyor cab offers our most robust comfort and convenience package: temperature-controlled heated and ventilated red leather operator seat, adjustable lower operator seat cushion, a red leather instructor seat, carpeted floor mat, automatic temperature control, intermittent windshield wipers.
  • Seat Comfort

    The operator’s seat features a 20-degree right swivel, plus multiple, highly customizable settings to provide the perfect position for each individual operator, along with the flexibility to adjust those settings throughout the day. Adjustments include seat height, fore and aft position, as well as backrest, lumbar curve and armrest tilt. A tilting and telescopic steering column lets the operator fine-tune the steering wheel to coincide with seat adjustments.
  • Visibility

    The large, roomy Surveyor cab features 68.5 square feet of glass and well-positioned controls that don’t interfere with sight lines. The Trident 5550 offers many standard and optional lighting choices, including halogen and LED lights, plus available deluxe HID/LED field lights, and single or dual beacon lights.


One Chassis, Three Seasons

The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator is the industry’s first combination applicator on a row-crop chassis that’s engineered from the ground up to be changed from liquid to dry and back again throughout three seasons of use. To meet your need for a flexible new equipment solution capable of protecting and feeding your customers’ — or your own — crops at the optimal time required rugged innovation.
  • Durable Construction

    The frame is the backbone of the Trident 5550. It carries every component of the system. And it must do so under some of the toughest conditions imaginable. The frame of the Trident 5550 is constructed of welded tubular steel, which carries more weight than C-channel steel of the same thickness. Additional plates and gussets at key stress areas help ensure durability and long life.
  • Load-Compensating Suspension

    An applicator capable of carrying liquid or dry systems requires a suspension package that can handle high-capacity loads and that can apply those loads over a wide range of speeds. The solution: our exclusive load-compensating suspension. Powered by an engine-driven air compressor, a pneumatic cylinder at each suspension joint maintains ride quality and load leveling. The system automatically adjusts according to operating mode and load weight. Four suspension modes range from tendering to deflated for transport.

Axles, Wheels and Brakes

A Combination Applicator With Row-crop Flexibility

  • Easily Adjust Axles

    These days, row widths can vary from farm to farm, crop to crop or field to field. Right from the seat in the cab, the Trident 5550 lets operators quickly and easily adjust axle settings. Axles slide into or out of frame, as sensors in each axle-adjust cylinder provide in-cab feedback about axle positioning. Prepopulated, preset dimensions, ranging from 120 to 160 inches in ½-inch increments, make adjusting to varying row spacings easy and fast. No manual stops required.
  • Factory-Available duals

    A larger footprint on the ground can help make wet fields more accessible and reduce soil compaction. The Trident 5550 is the first applicator featuring factory-available duals in row crop tire sizes. A range of dual options and spacings of 20, 22 and 30 inches accommodate varying tire sizes, crops and seasons. Plus, the outer wheel easily can be removed, eliminating the need to change between flotation and row crop tires.
  • High-Capacity Braking

    In most situations, the hydrostatic drive provides all the braking power you need. An in-cab pedal activates service brakes in all four planetary hubs. Parking brakes are spring-applied and pressure released.


The Most Powerful High-Clearance Combination Applicator Available

At 390 engine horsepower, the Trident 5550 is the most powerful high-clearance liquid/dry combination applicator available. And thanks to Case IH Efficient Power technology, it generates more power with less fuel for a lower operating cost.
  • Proven Power

    Case IH FPT engines have clocked more than 25 million hours on North American farms. They’re field-tested and proven in the conditions you face. The Trident 5550 combination applicator features our 8.7L FPT engine. It achieves 390 rated horsepower and 415 peak horsepower at 2,000 engine RPM while creating 1,257 ft. lb. peak torque.
  • Efficient Technology

    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a simple system that maximizes engine power and treats exhaust gases to eliminate pollutants. The result: Engines with more power, greater fuel economy and increased durability and reliability, with longer service intervals. SCR is the most efficient and powerful diesel emission-control technology available.
  • Cool Under Pressure

    The Trident 5550 is the first Case IH application equipment offering with an electronic viscous fan drive. This style of fan drive monitors engine temperature, along with temperatures in the other cores in the cooling package, and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. This style of fan drive reduces noise and parasitic horsepower draw for even greater operating efficiency.


Hydrostatic Drive Puts You in Complete Control

The hydrostatic drive on the Trident 5550 provides infinitely variable speed control. Each time the hydrostatic operating lever returns to neutral, wheel motor swash plates return to their maximum angle, allowing maximum torque for each start.
  • Adjust Speed with Ease

    Infinitely adjust travel speeds using the in-cab speed control knob. Simply rotate the speed control to adjust the top travel speed range. This can help maintain appropriate load:speed ratios whether in the field or in transit.
  • Power Through Trouble

    Full-time 4WD provides excellent traction in all types of conditions. Sometimes, you need more, such as when challenging terrain and difficult field conditions put traction to the test. Individual wheel traction control improves performance and productivity by sensing slip and countering trouble by regulating oil flow at each wheel motor to help the machine power through those tough spots.

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)

Case IH AFS Keeps You on Track

When you tap into all that Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) offers, you bring the latest, most advanced precision technology to the Trident 5550 combination applicator. AFS is an integrated precision farming solution that gives you more control right from the seat of the cab.
  • AccuBoom

    AccuBoom Automatic Boom Section control automatically turns off boom sections when the sprayer enters an area that has already been sprayed and then turns the sections back on when leaving the applied area. AccuBoom is part of every Trident 5550 Liquid System, working in conjunction with the Case IH Viper 4+ or AFS Pro 700 rate controller and a GPS system.
  • AutoBoom™ XRT

    AutoBoom XRT automatic boom height control functions as a “look ahead” to detect changes in terrain and adjusts boom height accordingly. This decreases operator fatigue and wear and tear on the machine, and it increases the accuracy and coverage of the applications.
  • AFS AccuGuide™ autoguidance

    Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond with AFS AccuGuide. Autoguidance helps reduce skips and overlaps; saves on fuel and labor costs, and fertilizer and chemical inputs; simplifies operation; and even adds hours to the day during critical operating windows.
  • RS1 autoguidance

    Compatible with the Viper 4+ display, the RS1 guidance package includes guidance, GPS receiver and Slingshot® functionality so you can access your application data from anywhere, wirelessly transfer files, receive over-the-air software updates and view your fleet. This package comes with a free one-year Silver Slingshot subscription providing as-applied and prescription map transfer, fleet view, correction streaming and more. Upgrade to Gold Slingshot to add vehicle guidance line and as-applied map sharing on up to eight vehicles.
  • AIM AccuPlacer™

    AIM AccuPlacer quickly and easily converts the Trident 5550 Liquid System into an efficient side-dressing machine — and just as easily back into a sprayer — to help maximize productivity and your equipment ROI. AccuPlacer delivers a constant, consistent stream of nitrogen when and where growing crops need it.
  • AIM Command FLEX

    Case IH application technology delivers the right rate and droplet size not only across the entire boom, but also the entire field, helping to maximize yield potential.
  • Accurate Mapping

    The as-applied map feature records exactly what is being applied during application and generates a map for your records and future analysis.
  • Data Management Software

    A single software suite helps maximize the value of AFS technology. View, edit, manage, analyze and utilize precision farming data. AFS software offers the flexibility and analysis power to maximize all the benefits of precision farming. No matter the data source — the AFS Pro 700 display, crop consultants, ag retailers or other suppliers — AFS software can easily import and manage the data.
  • AFS Pro 700 display

    The AFS Pro 700 offers a single, customizable, intuitive, easy-to-read display for the Trident 5550 combination applicator. The AFS Pro 700 already is used across a wide range of Case IH equipment to control and monitor key functions and track important information.
  • Case IH Viper 4+ Controller

    This option offers a touch-screen interface that displays boom status, application rate and pressure readings. The Viper 4+ features a highly visible 12.1-inch screen and can function as a stand-alone rate controller or as an integral part of guidance or mapping systems.


Min Solution System Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]1450 [5489]
Solution system tank - gal (L)
Max Solution System Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]1600 [6057]
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Solution Fill connection - in (mm)
Fill Connection inches [ mm ]3 [76]
Pump Hypro standard or high-flow; hydraulically driven
Rinse Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]200 [757]
Hand Wash Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
Foam Marker Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]55 [208]
Chemical Eductor Available
Fuel Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]150 [568] (two 75 gal tanks)
DEF Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]21 [79]
Hydraulic Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
Dry Material Box Option New Leader NL4500T G4 Edge, Quick-Change from tank
Boom Location Rear
Boom Width - Option 1 60/90 (18.3/27.4)
Boom Width - Option 2 60/100 (18.3/30.5)
Boom Width - Option 3 60/90/120 (18.3/27.4/36.5)
Boom Sections 5, 6, or 7; 36 w/AIM Command FLEX option
Ground height adjustment - in (cm)
Min Ground Height Adjustment inches [ cm ]2 ft [61]
Max Ground Height Adjustment inches [ cm ]7 ft [213]
Boom Breakaway Angle - Degrees 30 degrees, full boom
Wingtip Breakaway - Ft-in (m) 5' 6" (1.7) w/90 ft.; 10' 6" (3.2) w/100 ft.; 9' 0" (2.7) w/120 ft.
Nozzle Spacing - In (cm) 20 (50.8) off-center or 20-30 (50.8-76.2) with 30 (76.2) on-center
Position Front
Make Case IH FPT
Model Cursor 8.7
Power hp [ kW ]390 [291]
Peak Torque, ft-lb (Nm)
Peak Torque lbf / ft [ Nm ]1257 [1704]
Peak Power hp [ kW ]415 [309]
Number Of Cylinders 6
Displacement Inches³ [ ltr ]531 [8.7]
Alternator Amp
Description Hydrostatic
Number Of Speed Ranges Infinitely variable, 4 application modes
Max Travel Speed mph [ kph ]40 [64]
Drive Full-time 4WD
Primary Service Brake Hydrostatic drive system dynamic braking
Secondary Service Brake All four wheels, pedal activated
Parking Brake Spring-applied hydraulic released wet disc, all wheels
Cab Position Behind front axle
Cab Glass Area ft² [ m² ]68.5 [6.36]
Operator Seat Description Cloth std. w/swivel; heated/ventilated leather opt.
Instructional Seat Standard
Sprayer Control AIM Command FLEX, using Case IH AFS Pro 700 or Case IH Viper 4+
Crop Clearance inches [ cm ]4 ft 5 in [135]
Min Wheel Track Spacing inches [ cm ]10 ft [305]
Max Wheel Track Spacing inches [ cm ]13 ft 4 in [406]
Wheel Track Adjustment Method Hydraulic, w/position sensors
Wheelbase inches [ cm ]14 ft 2 in [432]
Turning Radius - Ft-in (m) 26' 1" (7.95) from centerline of rear axle
Steering System 2WS, Hydraulic
Suspension Description Pneumatic cylinder at each wheel, 4 modes, load-compensated
Suspension Travel inches [ mm ]
Standard Row-crop Tire IF or VF 320/105R54 duals only
Optional Row-crop Tire 1 VF380/105R50 single or duals
Optional Row-crop Tire 2 VF420/95R50 single or duals
Flotation Tire VF480/80R50 single or duals
Optional Flotation Tire IF710/60R46 single or IF710/65R46 dual
Length ft/in [ m ]31 ft 10 in [9.72] w/tank & 120' boom
Height ft/in [ m ]13 ft 1 in [4.01] standard ride height
Width - Wheels Retracted ft/in [ m ]13 ft 9 in [4.21] w/710/60R46 tires
Width - Wheels Extended ft/in [ m ]17 ft 1 in [5.23] w/710/60R46 tires
Weight W/ Shortest Boom lbs [ kg ]26240 [11902] chassis only, no tank or boom
Weight W/ Intermediate Boom lbs [ kg ]31100 [14107] w/New Leader dry applicator
Weight W/ Widest Boom lbs [ kg ]35670 [16180] w/tank & 120' boom