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Case IH Tiger-Mate 255 Field Cultivator

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  • Working Width

    22' 2" - 60' 2"

  • Transport Width

    14' 11" - 18’ 7”

  • Number of Shanks

    41 - 144

  • Shank Spacing

    4 - 6.5"

Field Cultivators

Rethink Seedbed Productivity
The Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivator creates a high-efficiency seedbed for the most accurate seed placement. From crop residue management to soil tilth to seedbed conditions, we designed this field cultivator with an eye on improving agronomic performance.

For high-clay and timber fields, the Vibra-Tine 265 S-tine field cultivator helps you achieve optimal clod-sizing, a smooth field finish and healthier soil. Proven and effective S-tine technology is designed to maximize your yield potential in one spring pass. Click here to learn more about the Vibra-Tine 265 S-Tine field cultivator.

Shank Options

Superior Shank Assemblies

Create a better seedbed with the strong yet flexible shank assembly on the Tiger-Mate 255. For high-clay and timber soils, the Vibra-Tine 265 uses proven S-tine technology and rugged S-tine coils to effectively work your fields.
  • C-Shank

    • The Tiger-Mate 255 shank assembly helps to create a consistent, flat subsurface floor necessary for fast germination and even emergence.
    • The swept-back, high-concavity shank design helps soil explode higher, breaking tough clods and providing more consistent residue movement and better mixing.
    • Split-the-middle sweep pattern combined with a 6.5-inch shank spacing and 7.5-inch or 9-inch sweeps ensures 100 percent coverage for maximum crop residue mixing.
  • S-Tines

    • Vibrating technology on the Vibra-Tine 265 enables S-tines to break through heavy soil to create a better seedbed.
    • Large dimensions of the S-tine coils ensure powerful forward, backward and sideways motion of the tine.
    • Six ranks of S-tines with effective 4-inch spacing provides optimal clod sizing and allow for maximum residue flow.
    • Learn more about the Vibra-Tine 265 S-tine field cultivator here.

AFS Soil Command™ With Seedbed Sensing Technology

Optimize Every Pass with AFS Soil Command™

In any condition, Case IH AFS Soil Command™ tillage technology adds site-specific precision to soil management. Maximize agronomic, economic and environmental performance with seedbed sensing and monitoring, total implement control, as-tilled mapping and the ability to create and execute soil management prescriptions
Learn More about AFS Soil Command™
Optimize Every Pass with AFS Soil Command™
  • Monitor Agronomic Quality

    • Built on Agronomic Design™ principles, AFS Soil Command helps you fix seedbed issues before they become an issue for the planter.
    • Sensors mounted to select Tiger-Mate 255 shank assemblies alert the operator when the shanks begin to float, which results in an uneven seedbed floor.
    • Operators of any skill level can effectively monitor seedbed preparation and make adjustments on the AFS Pro 700, AFS Pro 1200 or competitive ISO 11783 compliant displays.
    • Green, yellow or red performance indicators are simple and easy to understand.
  • Create a High-Efficiency Seedbed

    • A smooth, level seedbed floor is critical for higher-efficiency planting and fast, uniform emergence.
    • Each time the field cultivator shank trips or floats, the sweep pivots and creates gouges in the seedbed floor that make the planter row unit bounce.
    • AFS Soil Command seedbed sensing and agronomic control technology enable you to monitor and adjust settings in real time to optimize the agronomic quality of the seedbed.
  • Tillage Prescriptions

    • Prescription technology takes the same variable rate approach you use for seed and fertilizer rates with site-specific tillage and zone management.
    • Match tillage treatments to the specific conditions of your fields, from residue management and compaction removal to improving soil conservation and minimizing erosion.
    • Zone-managed tillage allows you to farm for all conditions, and makes every inch of the field an optimal environment for plants.

Frame Design

Rugged and Reliable From End to end
Our engineers tested and analyzed every component of the Tiger-Mate 255 frame against rigid standards. The result: Stronger construction, yet with the greater flexibility necessary to stand up to tough, fast-changing conditions.
    Frame Construction
    • Frame Construction
    • Wheels & Tires
    • Hitch
    Higher Productivity
    • Greaseless bearings displace 20-40 grease points, depending on model
    • Time saved by greaseless bearings equates to up to 40 acres of productivity
    Increased Efficiency
    • Wings fold together quickly, getting you in and out of the field faster
    • 25-inch underframe clearance keeps the residue flowing at higher speed
    • Exclusive, welding bridge frame stands up to variable conditions under higher field speeds
    • Frame designed to flex through difficult soil condistions
    Built-in Longevity
    • Durable construction and welded cylinders results in greater reliability
    • Folding wings distribute load for longer frame life
    • Radial tires are stubble-resistant
    • Extra durability pays off in the field and during transport
    Increased Footprint
    • Radial tires have up to a 70 percent increase in footprint, over bias ply tires
    • Improves floatation and reduces compaction
    A Smooth Ride
    • Walking tandems and gauge wheelson the main frame and wings
    • Enhances stability and reduces compaction, wing bounce and nosing
    Extra Stabilty
    • Radial Stabilizer wheels on every wing section provide additional stability and levelness over obstacles
    • Optional pivoting stabilizer wheel on wing sections for contour farming
    Floating Hitch
    • Allows the Tiger-Mate 255 to operate independently of the tractor
    • Enhances ground following for consistent depth across terrain
    • Available on double-fold models
    T-Bone Hitch
    • Provides a tighter turn radius
    • Standard on all models
    Rear Hitch
    • Accomodates additional towed conditioning system
    • Minimizes passes in seedbed preparation
    • Available on all models
    Choose Your Hookup
    Choose electronic or hydraulic hookups to match harrow options and towing needs.

    Leveling & Depth Control

    Fine-Tune Your Unit For Any Field

    • Quick and Easy Depth Control

      Adjust depth across a variety of fields and conditions with a single-point hydraulic depth control system. There is no need to manually adjust depth on each wing as the system maintains equal depth across.
    • No-Tool Machine Leveling

      Achieve fast and easy machine leveling, both side-to-side and fore-to-aft with turnbuckle adjustments. Requiring no tools, just use the built-in handle cranks for effortless adjustments.

    Sweep Design

    Sweeps That Will Keep You Up and Running Acre After Acre

    Built with Case IH Agronomic Design principles, the Tiger-Mate 255 features our exclusive split-the-middle sweep pattern and proven sweep designs. The results? Better soil tilth, healthy root development, and optimal soil and residue incorporation.
    • Split-the-Middle Sweep Design

      • With a 5-bar frame, the first three shank rows take full cuts through the soil, while the two rear shank rows take smaller cuts to remove the middle.
      • Features 26-inch side-by-side shank clearance for improved residue flow.
      • With the 6.5-inch shank spacing, this sweep pattern ensures 100 percent sweep coverage.
    • Durable, Long-Lasting Sweeps

      • Made from high-strength Earth Metal® alloy steel composition.
      • Unique rear-flowing parabolic design creates superior soil and residue flow.
      • Longer wear life allows for less-frequent replacement and maintenance.
      • Hard and durable without brittleness to stand up to the toughest conditions.
      • Sharp, forged cutting-edge maintains its edge throughout its life span.
    • Sweep Options

      • Maxxi-Point™ provides better scouring in wet conditions forged cutting edges for reduced draft load; and improved penetration from the extended nose and ½ inch wear point.
      • Maxxi-Grip™ has a lower-angle pitch, 1-inch wear tip, two-part knock-on design that mounts to a heavy-duty adapter for easy installation and added strenth.
      • Maxxi-Point Plus™ has the same design as the Maxxi-Point™ but with a two-part design and mounts to a heavy duty adapter for easy installation and added strength.

    Shank Assembly

    Balance Force and Flexibility For a High-Efficiency Seedbed

    The workhorse component of the Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivator is the superior shank assembly, combining force and flexibility to support field speeds of up to 10 mph. Thicker shanks, a beefed-up shank guard channel and increased holding power help you manage fast-changing springtime field conditions.
    Balance Force and Flexibility For a High-Efficiency Seedbed
    • Better Soil and Residue Management

      • Swept back, high-concavity shank design helps soil ramp up and explode higher to effectively mix particles, break down tough clods and level the soil.
      • Thicker, stronger shanks — 11/16-inch compared with the previous 5/8-inch — match to spring pressure for ideal performance.
      • Greater residue throughput thanks to 6.5-inch shank spacing that ensures better soil mixing and improved residue distribution.
    • Increased Spring Force

      • Greater spring force delivers a 20% increase in holding power, allowing the field cultivator to penetrate hard soils, even at higher speeds.
      • Proportional increase in spring force and shank thickness keeps sweeps parallel to the ground for a consistently flat subsurface floor, more accurate seed placement and uniform seedling emergence.
    • Enhanced Durability

      • Shank guard channel ensures stability through turns and provides even loading and added durability.
      • A 5/8-inch main shank pivot bolt holds tight to stabilize spring pressure and improves the durability of the dual bushing pivot point.
      • Low-maintenance features include clamp-style shank mounts, single-bolt installation, welded cylinder and greaseless bearings.

    Vibra-Tine Finishing Tools

    Achieve the Finish that Fits Your Fields

    Select the finishing tool option that best fits your soil type and farming practices. Our harrow options are designed to maximize seed-to-soil contact while providing optimal leveling and clod sizing.
    • 2-Bar Spike ACS Harrow with Dual Flat-Bar Crumber (pictured above)

      • Paired with the independent-arm, dual flat-bar Crumbler, this option is designed to help effectively break up clods and level the soil for a smooth finish
      • Designed to match the contour of the ground for ultimate seedbed leveling
    • 3-Bar Spike ACS Harrow with Single Flat-Bar Crumbler

      • Paired with the flat-bar spiral Advanced Conditioning System (ACS), this option with three bars is ideal for tough soils that require additional leveling
      • The flat-bar ACS harrow adds clod-busing power with excellent durability

    Tiger-Mate Finishing Tools

    Achieve the Perfect Finish

    Multiple finishing tool options on the Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivator allow you to select the perfect finish for your soil type and farming practices. With industry-leading down pressure consistency, our Advanced Conditioning Systems (ACS) harrows are proven to maximize seed-to-soil contact in the final pass before planting.
    • 4-bar Tiger-Tine Harrow

      • Three tine angle position adjustments for flexible soil finish.
      • Indexed tines improve soil leveling.
      • Parallel linkage and nonlinked tine bars eliminate depth and level setting.
    • 3-bar Extreme Tiger-Tine ACS Harrow With Spring Down Pressure

      • With three bars and twice as many tines, this option improves clod sizing and soil leveling, even on tough soils.
      • Extreme Tiger-Tines are redesigned for maximum flexibility, allowing residue to filter through the tines.
      • Four precise tine angle settings, convenient handle and quick pin allow tines to be adjusted to the soil.
      • Large 14-inch TigerPaw Crumbler pulverizes the soil for a smooth seedbed surface
    • 3-bar Extreme Tiger-Tine ACS Harrow With Hydraulic Down Pressure

      • This option, paired with the TigerPaw Crumbler, has all the advantages of the 3-bar Extreme Tiger-Tine ACS harrow, but with hydraulic down pressure.
      • The Crumbler may be placed in float or lifted on the go to avoid wet spots.
      • The hydraulic down pressure system offers independent adjustment of each section to easily match downforce with field conditions.
      • This harrow is ideal for soils with heavy residue and tough clods.
    • 3-bar Spike-tooth ACS Harrow With Spring Down Pressure

      • Paired with the Case IH TigerPaw Crumbler, this high-iron harrow aggressively breaks up clods, evenly distributes crop residue and levels the soil for a smooth finish.
      • The larger formed bar on the Crumbler adds clod-busting power and excellent durability.
      • Best choice for tough clods in forest soils prone to cloudiness.
    • 3-bar Spike-tooth ACS Harrow With Hydraulic Down Pressure

      • Paired with the Case IH TigerPaw Crumbler, this hydraulic down pressure system offers independent adjustment of each section to easily match downforce with field conditions.
      • The durable Crumbler busts tough clods with ease.
      • The Crumbler may be placed in float or lifted on the go to avoid wet spots.
      • This harrow option provides even crop residue distribution and excellent soil leveling.

    Prepare Your Fields With the Utmost Efficiency

    Ideal seedbed preparation sets the tone for planting season success — from row unit ride to planter speed. To maximize planting efficiency and help your crops reach their full potential, pair your Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivator or Vibra-Tine 265 S-tine field cultivator with the Case IH 2000 series Early Riser® planter. Our planters deliver the ultimate in seed placement accuracy to produce a more successful crop. Learn how Case IH 2000 series Early Riser planters can help you achieve High-Efficiency Farming at your operation.

    Learn More


    Min Working Width ft/in [ m ]22 ft 2 in [6.8]
    Max Working Width ft/in [ m ]35 ft 2 in [10.7]
    Min Transport Width ft/in [ m ]14 ft 11 in [4.5]
    Max Transport Width ft/in [ m ]17 ft [5.2]
    Min Transport Height ft/in [ m ]10 ft 2 in [3.1]
    Max Transport Height ft/in [ m ]14 ft 2 in [4.3]
    Min Total Weight lbs [ kg ]8440 [3828]
    Max Total Weight lbs [ kg ]10440 [4736]
    Sizes Available 5
    Frame Configuration 3 Section, Folding
    Connection To Tractor Pull-Type, Category 3 or 4 drawbar
    Pull-type Hitch System Constant level
    Underframe Clearance inches [ mm ]25 [635]
    Number Of Ranks 5
    Depth Control Electric - AFS Soil Command Hydraulic single point
    Shank Spacing - In (mm) 6.5 (165)
    Shank Tillage Depth, Maximum - In (mm) 6 (152)
    Min Number Of Shanks 41
    Max Number Of Shanks 65
    Standard Trip Load - Lb (kg) 180 (82)
    Optional Trip Load - Lb (kg)
    Shank Trip Clearance inches [ mm ]14 [356]
    Center Frame Tire Size 280/70 R15
    Wing Frame Tire Size 280/70 R15
    Transport Wheel Mounting Walking tandem
    Gauge Wheel Size 5.90x15 non-pivot
    Required Power - Hp/ft (kw/m)
    Coil Tine Harrow - Number Of Tine Bars 2-bar or 4-bar Tiger-Tine
    Crumbler Or Basket Reel Mounted behind harrow, or trailing
    Spike Harrow - Number Of Tine Bars 3-bar
    Rear Hitch For Trailing Equipment Optional
    Min Required Power hp/ft [ kW/m ]5 [12]
    Max Required Power hp/ft [ kW/m ]10 [24]
    Min Standard Trip Load lbs [ kg ]180 [82]
    Max Standard Trip Load lbs [ kg ]
    Min Optional Trip Load lbs [ kg ]
    Max Optional Trip Load lbs [ kg ]