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Case IH RB455 Premium Round Baler

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  • Bale Width

    46.5” - 61.5”

  • Bale Diameter

    30” – 72”

  • Bale Weight

    300 – 2,500 lbs.

  • PTO Required

    40 – 105 HP

Round Baler Family

The Round Baler Family Just Got Bigger.

Whether baling wet silage, dry hay or stalks, new additions to the Case IH round baler family are designed to boost your productivity and efficiency.

The new are made to handle higher bale counts with new high-performance features. Built to tackle wet and heavy silage but able to excel in any crop, RB6 HD Pro balers bring superior speed with fewer moving parts, making for lower maintenance and greater productivity.

New Standard and Premium modelshave also been added to the lineup with features such as wider pickup widths and a new wrapping system. Taken together, these features and models allow you to create denser, higher-quality hay, leaving you with fewer bales to handle.

Explore Features

Baler Categories

Bale Your Way

The Case round baler family offers three distinct options to meet your specific baling needs. Choose the baler that suits you best from our Standard, Premium or Professional categories based on the amount of horsepower, bale sizes, annual bale count and bale weights you need to get the job done.
  • Standard Round Baler

    • Twine, net or net & twinewrapping options
    • Updated wrapping system
    • Moisture sensor option
    Perfect for most operation needs, the RB456A roundbaler offers multiple wrapping options and can reliablyhandle a yearly count of up to 1,000 bales.
  • Premium Round Balers

    RB455 / RB465 / RB565
    • Dual-zone density system
    • Reliable wrapping system
    • Moisture sensor option
    • In-cab density
    • Endless belts available on most models
    • Rotor cutter models
    Well-suited for medium horsepower equipment,Premium round balers offer an annual bale count of1,000-5,000 and offer multiple bale sizes for greaterflexibility.
  • Professional Round Balers

    RB456 HD PRO / RB466 HD PRO
    • Dual-zone density system
    • Reliable wrapping system
    • Moisture sensor option
    • In-cab density
    • Endless belts
    • Heavy-duty components
    • Fewer moving parts
    • Fine cut rotor option
    For operations that require frequent heavy-duty baling,Professional round balers offer an annual bale count of5,000+, a bale weight of up to 2,500 lb. and multiplebale sizes for ultimate productivity.

New for 2023

New Models, Drive Options and Pickup Widths

  • Heavy-duty drive option for the RB565 Premium round baler
  • Wider pickup widths and wrapping system options on the new RB456A standard round baler
  • New RB456 HD Pro and RB466 HD Pro round balers built with heavy-duty components for a long life cycle

Advanced Baling Technology

  • Sophisticated Design Throughout​

    The state-of-the-art baling technology featured in the RB5 series round baler is encased in a sleek and strong design to keep your operation moving forward.​
  • Dense Bales

    ​A combination of rolls and endless belts are paired together to create dense and durable bales.​
  • Heavy-duty Pickup

    Wide 5-bar pickups deliver a clean field sweep, while rubber mounted teeth deliver a quiet operation and long life.
  • ​Reliable and Secure Wrapping

    Choose from both twine and net wrap options to optimize handling, transportation and storage.​

Display Options

In-Cab Control

Monitor all baler functions through your choice ofeasy-to-use monitors that relay information from insidethe bale chamber.
  • Deluxe Monitor With Keypad

    • Compact Design
    • Black and white display
    • Large screen area
    • Menu screen navigation
    • User friendly icons
    • 20 customer bale count storage
  • AFS Pro 700 Monitor (ISOBUS Options)

    • Color touch screen
    • Touch screen controls for easier navigation
    • Connectivity with any ISOBUS compliant tractor
    • ISOBUS can also be ordered without the monitor and will work with any display that is ISOBUS compatible
    • May be installed in most tractors with use of additional power cable


Tractor & Baler Automation

This system controls the tractor stop, bale wrap and bale eject functions without any operator input required. Paired with a Puma® or Maxxum tractor, featuring a CVXDrive™ continuously variable, PowerDrive powershift or ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission, operators can take advantage of ISOBUS Class 3 controls to automatically stop the tractor when the target bale size is reached. After that, net wrap is automatically applied and, when the wrap cycle is complete, the baler tailgate raises and lowers automatically to eject each wrapped bale. Once the completed bale is ejected, the operator can simply move the tractor shuttle lever to the forward position and go.

Capacity & Durability

High-Capacity Baling

  • Feeders

    • The hay and silage models feature an overshot feeder.
    • The overshot feeder provides smooth and consistent crop flow from the pickup into the bale chamber, resulting in higher capacity.
    • If equipped, the 5-bar pickup combined with a roller windguard provides a clean sweep of crop and uninterrupted feeding of material into the baler.
    • No-tool-adjust gauge wheels help protect the pickup in rough fields. For curvy fields, the castering gauge wheel option prevents crop scuffing and damaging regrowth.
    • Low-profile design lets the pickup float over ground contours, gently gathering crop and saving nutrient-packed leaves.
  • Durable Performance

    • The heavy-duty pickup features stronger, more-durable components to increase the wear life of the pickup.
    • The “premium laced” and “endless” belts are designed with higher tensile strength for improved durability and better belt tracking.
    • The main drive is protected by a cutout clutch, not friction disks. This reduces overall maintenance and increases productivity.
    • The new RB456 and RB466 Pro HD round balers offer heavy-duty components and fewer moving parts for a higher bale count life cycle (5,000 or more bales annually).
    • The new HD drive heavy-duty option available for the RB565 Premium round baler includes larger chains and sprockets, main gear box, and heavier cutout clutch for an efficient transmission of power.

Bale Control

Easy In-Cab Adjustment of Bale Quality

  • In-Cab Density Adjustment

    All RB5 balers may be equipped with in-cab density. This allows the operator to be able to control density from the monitor, either Deluxe or Pro 700 (shown). With dual zone control, the inner (core) density may be set independently from the outer density. Increase the outer density when storing bales outside for improved weatherability.

  • On-Board Moisture Sensor

    The Moisture Sensor option displays bale moisture on the monitor as the bale is formed and provide the final average moisture for the completed bale.
    • It is a fully-integrated system that works with the balers electronics and monitor, no need for a separate display
    • Available with either Deluxe (shown) or Pro 700 monitor
    • The moisture system is able to measure bale moisture from 7% to 60%, providing a wide range for both dry and wet crops, including hay, straw, silage, and corn stalks
    • It is simple to use. If desired, the operator can set a high and low moisture level warning, otherwise no adjustment needed
    • Offered as both a factory installed option or a dealer-installed kit for balers made after February 2019


Style with a Purpose

  • Plastic side shieldswith full access to side of baler when panels are raised and additional grease banks for ease of servicing
  • Steel front shield
  • Cut-out clutch is standard on all RB565 models
  • Better, long-term durability than friction plate clutch
  • Can achieve higher bale density

Configuration Options:
  • Choice of 540 rpm or 1000 rpm gearbox on all models
  • Hay, Silage, Rotor Feeder, Rotor Cutter Configurations on RB455/RB465
  • Premium/Premium HD on RB565

Net and Twine Solutions

Net Wrap Electrical System and Twine Delivery System

Net wrap system and twine delivery improvements on standard baler models provide more reliability with fewer adjustments. Plus, new wrapping systems offer options for twine, net and twine/net wrapping.
Net Wrap Electrical System and Twine Delivery System
  • Net Wrap Electrical System

    • Separate motor for net knife and duckbill reducing current draw in system
    • Front-loading net wrap for efficient net loading and positive feeding on bale
    • Fewer adjustments for simplicity and better performance
    • New wrapping system on the RB456A standard round baler offers three options: twine, net and twine/net wrapping
  • Twine Delivery System

    • Enhanced single pivot, dual twine arm system
    • Positive twine starts due to twine arm sweeping across the full face of bale from left to right and back rather than staring in center
    • Twine tails reduced to left side only
    • Twine end wrap position adjustable from monitor
    • Consistent twine spacing across entire width of bale


Belts Built to Last

Belts can make or literally break your season. That’s why Case IH has two kinds of belts to suit your needs and your budget — both made for long life. And, with a three-year/15,000-bale warranty, you can bale worry free knowing your bottom line is protected.
  • Endless Belts

    • Three-year/15,000-bale warranty
    • No splices to track better and maintain crosswise rigidity and lengthwise flexibility
    • Unique construction prevents belt failure from edge punctures or tears
    • Sealed edges prevent fraying
  • Premium Laced Belts

    • Provide durability and flexibility while delivering excellent value
    • Premium laced belts use Mato® fasteners with long-lasting cold-rolled loops

Feeder Options

Feeder Options to Fit Your Operations

  • Overshot

    Available in Hay and Silage models, the rotating feed rotor provides smooth, uninterrupted crop flow.As the crop comes off the pickup, the tines of the large diameter rotor engage the crop and keep it moving over the top of the feeder (overshot) and into the chamber.

    The “W” pattern of the tines and large 14” diameter provide high capacity baling in a diverse range of crops and conditions.

  • Undershot Feeder

    A large diameter rotor, paired with a hydraulically operated drop floor, combine to give you high capacity in even the most difficult crops. The undershot rotor is designed for aggressive feeding. If a rotor plug does occur, the drop floor allows you to easily and quickly clear the plug from the comfort of the cab.

    The chopping system available in RB455 and RB465 rotor-cutter models processes the crop to build extra bale density.The 15-blade chopping system works to reduce feed particle length to maximize feed quality.Rotor-cutter balers are the ideal balers for baleage operations and baling high moisture crops.

  • Reduce Waste to Improve Profitability

    University studies have shown that feeding bales that have been processed significantly reduces waste. By packing smaller pieces of forage, the baler can create incredibly dense bales containing less oxygen which is very beneficial to the fermentation process. The smaller forage length reduces the amount of feed that drops from the animal’s mouth while eating.Feed that is dropped typically gets stepped on and goes uneaten.


Weight 7498 [3401]
Bale Width inches [ mm ]46.5 [1181]
Min Bale Diameter inches [ mm ]36 [914]
Max Bale Diameter inches [ mm ]60 [1524]
Min Bale Weight lbs [ kg ]400 [181]
Max Bale Weight lbs [ kg ]1800 [816]
Bale Chamber Variable chamber
Forming Mechanism 6 rolls and 6 belts
Belt Width inches [ mm ]7 [178]
Belt Description Endless
Tensioning Method 1 extension spring; 1 hydraulic cylinder
Number Of Tines
Tine Spacing inches [ mm ]
Number Of Tine Bars
Silage Version Available
Cutter-chopper Available
Bale Ejector Description Spring-loaded
Wrap System Netwrap only std; Net & twine opt.; 1 active roll, 1 storage
Twine Ball Storage, Quantity 6 active in front; plus 4 spare
Full Bale Wrap Integral On Baler
Baler Indicator And Control
Drive Protection Multi-plate slip-clutch
Pickup Working Width inches [ mm ]
Outer Tine-to-tine Width inches [ mm ]71 [1800]
Windguard Description
Pickup Gauge Wheel
Pickup Lift
Baler Monitor With Screen (non-ISOBUS) Deluxe Monitor with Keypad, twine or net
ISOBUS Compatibility AFS Pro 300 or tractor monitor
Outer Tine-to-Tine Width inches [ mm ]
Standard Tire Size 18L-16.1SL 10PR
Optional Tire Size
Overall Length, Gate Closed inches [ mm ]175 [4445]
Overall Baler Width inches [ mm ]99 [2515]
Overall Height, Gate Closed inches [ mm ]112 [2845]
PTO Speed rpm540 / 1000
Min PTO Power Required hp [ kW ]85 [63.3]
Recommended PTO Power hp [ kW ]
Hydraulic Remote Circuits 1 to 2