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Kuhn 5635-26

Model 5635-26 for sale at Rusler Implement, Colorado

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Create the Ideal Seedbed

  • Mix
    The 5635 field cultivator provides increased residue flow through the five rows of shanks in high residue conditions.
  • Cultivate
    Uniform cultivation with the split-the-middle sweep pattern removes green growth leading to better seed-to-soil contact
  • Enhance Seedbed Condition
    The 24/7® leveling systems create a smooth, level seedbed surface for reduced planter row unit bounce, providing consistent seed spacing and planting depth.


Split-the-Middle Design

  • The first three ranks of shanks till the full sweep width, while the fourth and fifth ranks till the middles creating a split-the-middle sweep pattern
  • Six-inch shank spacing provides maximum tillage action and uniform soil, residue and herbicide mixing
  • Front-to-rear frame clearance of 139” allows the 5635 field cultivator to handle high volumes of residue.



Floating Hitch

The exclusive KUHN Krause floating hitch system precisely gauges tillage depth for rolling terrain resulting in fast, even emergence. Uniform tillage depth creates consistent soil moisture in the seed zone allowing seeds to draw moisture from the surrounding soil at the same rate. This enhances even seedling emergence, which is critical for maximizing yield potential. Conventional hitch designs do not contour to rolling terrain, gouging deeper on hilltops and running too shallow in valleys. This can cause uneven emergence and immediately affects final yield potential.

Floating Hitch Advantages

The KUHN Krause floating hitch features up to 57% fewer wear points than conventional designs. Fewer moving parts mean less chance for a breakdown during the critical seedbed preparation season. In field position, the 5635 contours over rolling ground conditions, then transforms to a rigid, self-leveling style when raised to transport position. The floating hitch system raises the gauge wheels off the ground during transport. This provides greater machine stability and control as compared to conventional floating hitch designs. Conventional designs generally produce “caster wobble” and may become unstable during transport, especially at high speeds.


Shank Mount and Shank Options

With a variety of shank and mount options, KUHN Krause 5635 field cultivators can be configured to meet your agronomic needs.

24/7 Leveling Systems

KUHN Krause offers a variety of harrows to meet your specific soil and residue requirements. These harrows are available for all sizes and provide time saving features to increase overall productivity.


 Model 5635-26
Transport Width (ft/m) 13'3" / 4.0
Transport Height (ft/m) 12'10" / 3.9
Frame Type 3-Section
Number of Shanks 53
Shank Spacing 6" / 15.2
Working Width (ft/m) 26'6" / 8.1
Approx. Weight (w/K-Tine Shank) (lb/kg) 8,912 / 4 042
Approx. Weight (w/Spring Shank) (lb/kg) 10,047 / 4 557
Hitch Clevis CAT III Cast Clevis (1-1/2" pin) & Combination "C" Cast Clevis (1-1/4" pin) Hitch
Hydraulics All Cylinders and Hoses, Rephasing 10" Lift Cylinders
Depth Control Hydraulic Depth Control with positive stop
Main Frame R280/70R15" Fl, 6-Bolt Hubs
Wing Frame Tires Four 280/70R15, 6-Bolt Hubs, Two Front Castering Gauge Wheels 20.5" x 8" Load Range E
Finishing Attachments Five-Row Spike Tooth Harrow 3/4" x 10" Spikes, 1-1/2" Overall Spacing
Transport Locks and Safety Hydraulic Valves, Transport and Wing Fold, Slow Moving Vehicle Sign, High Visibility LED Lighting
Hitch Type Floating Hitch
Shank Mount Two Piece K-Tine 180 lb
Shanks 25" Underframe Clearance, 1-3/4" x 5/8" Lower Shank, Flat or Edge-On Style
Sweeps 7"/17.7 Sweeps for 6" / 15.2 Spacing
Wing Frame Tires 280/70R15 or 240/80R15, 6-Bolt
Finishing Attachments Three-Row Spike Harrow and Spiral HD Reel Combination with 11" Diameter Spiral, Flat Bar or Round Bar HD Reel equipped with PEER® TILLXTREME™ Maintenance Free Bearings
Finishing Attachments Three-Row Tine and Spiral HD Reel Combination with 11" Diameter Spiral, Flat Bar or Round Bar HD Reel equipped with PEER® TILLXTREME™ Maintenance Free Bearings
Finishing Attachments Four-Row Coil Tine Harrow, 2-1/2" Overall Spacing
Finishing Attachments No Attachment
Recommended Operating Speed (mph/km/h) 5 - 7.5 / 8 - 12
Recommended Working Depth (in/cm) 6" / 15.2 Maximum Working Depth
Recommended Tractor Power Range (mph/kw/h) 6 - 8 PTO hp per Foot