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Kubota K008-5

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Variable Width Undercarriage*

To enable passage through narrow spaces such as doorways and gates, the adjustable width track frame can be reduced by simply operating a single lever. Plus, changing the blade width is as easy as removing one pin by hand.

*Available on K008-3, K008-5, U10-5, KX018-4

Clean Running Kubota Tier 4 Engine

Kubota excavators are all powered by Kubota Tier 4 emission engines. The modern engine design maximizes digging and lifting performance, delivers minimized noise and vibration and meets the latest engine emission regulation.

Two Speed Travel

All Kubota excavators have a two speed drive that allows for efficient machine maneuverability and backfill operations.

Changeable Control Pattern

Convenient Two-pattern Selection System (TPSS) allows you to change between ISO and SAE operating patterns with a quick flip of the TPSS switch – without tools or leaving your seat.


  • Front pin bushings to help maximize durability
  • Centralized swivel bearing lubrication
  • Protected cylinder hoses
  • Steel hood panels
  • One-sided engine maintenance
  • Wide hood openings for easy access to engine and other vital components 


  • Proportional flow control of auxiliary circuit (AUX1) and maximum oil flow setting – you can operate a larger variety of auxiliary attachments than ever before
  • Proportional AUX flow switch – a convenient bi-directional switch enables easy operation of hydraulic thumbs and other hydraulic attachments such as augers and breakers


Engine ModelEngine ModelKubota D722-E4
Horsepower (gross)Horsepower (gross)10.3
Displacement (cu. in.)Displacement (cu. in.)43.8 (719)
Overall LengthOverall Length9ft 0in (2750)
Overall HeightOverall Height7ft 4in (2230)
Overall WidthOverall Width2ft 10in (860) / 2ft 7in (800)
Min. Ground ClearanceMin. Ground Clearance5.9in (150)
Crawler LengthCrawler Length4in 0ft (1230)
Pump Capacity (GPM)Pump Capacity (GPM)2.8 (10.5) x 2
Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate (GPM)Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate (GPM)5.5 (21.0)
Bucket Breakout Force (lbs.)Bucket Breakout Force (lbs.)2205 (1000)
Arm Breakout Force (lbs.)Arm Breakout Force (lbs.)1012 (458.9)
Traveling Speed: High (mph)Traveling Speed: High (mph)2.5 (4.0)
Traveling Speed: Low (mph)Traveling Speed: Low (mph)1.2 (2.0)
Ground Contact Pressure (psi)Ground Contact Pressure (psi)4.1 (0.29)
Blade WidthBlade Width2ft 4in / 2ft 10in (700 / 860)
Blade HeightBlade Height7.9in (200)
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir / SystemHydraulic Oil Reservoir / System3.60 / 4.8 (13.5 / 18.0)
Fuel ReservoirFuel Reservoir3.2 (12.0)
Operating Weight lbs. (kg)Operating Weight lbs. (kg)2315 (1050)