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Art's Way Vervaet Self Propelled Sugar Beet Harvester

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Two Types of beet lifting systems


The harvesting unit is equipped with a highly accurate automatic depth control on hydraulically driven wheels or feeler bars. The harvesting unit is always parallel to the ground. Independently rotating shears lift the beets with a gentle wiggling motion. Operating at 700 rpm provides 23 lifting movements per second.


OPPEL WHEEL LIFTERS(future availability)

Just like the sheer lifter system, the ground is sensed independently left and right to keep the unit level. This system uses metal lifting wheels positioned in a v-shape, pulling the right straight out of the ground. Oppel wheels follow the rows individually so the beets are always in the center of the unit.


Superior cleaning capabilities

Beet cleaning is done by an in-line series of turbine cages. The first turbines behind the lifters throw out 50% of the soil distributing it evenly across the harvested pass. The remaining four turbines complete the cleaning process with adjustable speed and gate opening. The extreme length of the cleaning system contributes to its effectiveness, and it performs well even in wet conditions.



Complete control

With a simple touch, the operator can adjust the cleaning system from gentle to aggressive.


Optional grab rolls

The harvester can be equipped with a series of 10 grab rolls that replace the last turbine. The rolls can be set to rotate in the same direction for gentle cleaning, or towards each other for more intensive cleaning.


Exceptional cab visibility

Exceptional cab visibility gives the operator a clear line of sight to the topper, lifters, the flow-through turbines, and even to the rear wheels. The cab also features a comfortable 74 dBA sound level.

Additional standard features

  • Unloading at nearly 19 tons/30 seconds
  • Swan neck for completely filling high trailers
  • Unique traction control prevents wheel slip
  • Large low pressure times reduce compaction
  • Auto-lube system is standard
  • Operational control functions and monitoring are easily visible on the color touch screen
  • The most frequently used functions during harvesting are located on the control lever
  • Optional hydraulic adjust for scalpers, row spacing and lifters


Optional features

Operator choice of 2-wheel, 4-wheel, or crab steering. Auto steer is standard.Optional hydraulic leveling benefits operation in hilly conditions.



Leaf Topper

Topper with one rotor – standard

Topper with auger and spreader (6×20 in., 6×22 in. x 4×30 in.) – optional

Double adjustable scalpers – optional

Airplane-type topper depth wheels (2pc)

Hydraulic 3-point linkage

Hydraulic cylinder to lift up frame auto steer – optional



XL lifter 6×30 in. ICW integral topper 16.4 ft.

XL lifter 8×22 in. ICW integral topper 16.4 ft.

XL lifter 9×20 in. ICW integral topper 16.4 ft.

Spring loaded lifter elements (for flexing over rocks)

Axle with depth wheels and flippers on lifter – standard

Cleaning wheels on front turbines – optional


Wheels and Tires

(standard GoodYear 800×38 front, and GoodYear 800×32 rear)

Michelin 800×38 on front 4x

Michelin 800×38 on front 4x – CEREX BIB

Michelin 800×38 rear 2

Michelin 800×38 rear 2 – CEREX BIB

Michelin 900×32 rear 2x


Frame and Tank

Extendable front axle (only SL) – optional

Longer discharge elevator – standard

Gates on turbine 2 and 3 – hydraulic adjust up/down – standard

Gates on turbine 4 and 5 – hydraulic adjust up/down – optional



Side window wiper set – optional

Fuel consumption meter – standard

Color camera set, trio – standard

Air conditioning – optional

Xenon work light on cab (incl. extra relays)/pc – optional

Extra camera (4 in total) plus split monitor – optional



Model 625 – 510 HP Paccar